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  1. If someone is skilled enough to succeed at what you suggest then their efforts will have an even bigger impact when inside the circle.
  2. Hence why armed vehicles need to have a crew instead of just one person inside. Delegation of tasks and coordination is part of what makes ArmA so fulfilling for gamers. It's a shame that most public players refuse to learn how.
  3. Since this discussion has shifted from sniping to achieving superiority I'm going to go off on a tangent here: Yet team balance makes it so that factions are fairly balanced if in numbers only, making it so that every faction must strive to get as many players as possible in the circle so that they have a chance of gaining and maintaining control of the AO. The only way to get points is to have the most players out of all factions inside the circle. You can set snipers, ambushers, and long range AT outside the circle to pick people off, but unless your faction currently dominates the circle, every second spent outside the AO is precious time that could be spent trying to stay in the circle and gain points for the team. The ability to dominate the circle leads to the opportunity to deny entry to the circle from within and without. Without achieving the first goal you cannot afford to aim for the second, and given sufficiently demoralized and disorganized enemy teams you might not even need to follow up once you've done the first. Gaining entry to a circle dominated by a stacked team requires larger scale and more sophisticated combined arms tactics and strategies not usually seen on a public server, along with experienced, skilled and cooperative players to execute them. Constant surveillance and reconnaisance by vehicle FLIR cameras (outside the AO, which reduces the amount of players available to enter the AO) are needed to identify enemy positions, movement, and potential DZs and LZs. Snipers (who cannot reside in the AO for this purpose, making this endeavour very risky) need to identify and laser designate key enemy targets, whether it be structures, vehicles, or infantry, and engage high priority targets when they can. A mixture of paradropping and landing at dynamic DZs and LZs is required to quickly insert large amounts of players into the circle, and due to the dynamic nature of the circle, there needs to be 2 to 3 competent pilots who can operate on a schedule. From this alone, one can discern that a faction which can take back the circle from a stacked team needs to be at the very least twice as competent. That's not going to happen when most of the highest level, wealthiest, experienced, and skilled players stack a different team. Going back to the original topic, this is why snipers are useless in most cases. They don't usually designate targets or report them, much less prioritize and coordinate with the rest of the team. They aren't parasites, but usually add no value to the faction. Right now a faction which doesn't have control of the circle with just 4 less players than the dominating faction is already at a severe disadvantage. Add the high level weapons available to experienced and wealthy players and victory for a stacked team is almost always assured when a new game begins.
  4. I vehemently disagree with you on that point. It is precisely because there is so much freedom offered to players, encouraging them all to do their own thing, that the environment to develop and practice more sophisticated tactics, strategies, and methods of organization does not exist. KOTH gameplay is currently very shallow, and hasn't really changed much from its inception.
  5. C4G has a US#6 Vanilla No Towers HC server, but it's usually empty or at very low player count. I think a) EU#3 has absorbed the EU/NA players who actually like and play No Towers HC, and b) There are not enough NA players who can actually heavily populate a No Towers HC server at any given time.
  6. I think it's time that Sa-Matra actually clarify what KoTH is about. If you go on the ArmA KoTH website there aren't even any basic explanations on how to play, what the goal is, and how to achieve it. That even fairly experienced players like Cyunide do not understand the core logic behind the gameplay will reflect poorly on Sa-Matra's ability to engage the player base. Even the C4G main page lacks information on how to play KoTH, and only lists things which players should avoid and will be penalized for.
  7. Going through your points (cut down your post a bit):
  8. 1. Given the assets available to both factions from RHS, I propose replacing the C130 with the CH53 for paradrop. The default CH53 at Blufor spawn should be replaced with the MH60-S or any unarmed variant. 2. I'm iffy on removing thermals from vehicles because lack of thermal vision can be easily overcome with active radar. If we end up with BLUFOR vehicles with radar, and Russian vehicles with neither radar nor thermals, then the tables will be turned even more against OPFOR. 3. I think the AK-74 should be replaced by default with the AK-74M. While I don't think optics are necessary for the standard rifleman, they do act as a crutch to bridge the gap between standard assault rifles and higher level marksman rifles/machineguns while the player strives to earn more money and experience points. Right now there is a lack of progression for beginner players in OPFOR, as the AK-74M costs a whopping $45k, which is out of reach for beginners until many more levels later than what is usually the case in KOTH. In turn the M16A4 on Blufor should be replaced by the M4A1. 4. I agree that if RHS does not have the AFRF assets with the radar and countermeasure abilities, then KOTH itself should have the scripts for missile warning, as this is far better than trying to remove/replace assets or nerf their capabilities. 5. It's unfortunate but RHS does not count light helicopters among its AFRF assets. The Little Bird on BLUFOR gives them a vast advantage over OPFOR, since the Little Bird and its variants are the only helicopters in ArmA 3 in which descending is not sluggish, allowing their pilots to quickly dodge and hide from enemy AAA. That combined with the fact that the RHS Little Birds come with flares means that with just one transport vehicle BLUFOR has already surpassed OPFOR in terms of speed, agility, and countermeasures. Add the ability to carry 6 passengers + 1 copilot and the KA-60 is almost completely outmatched.
  9. That is exactly why I don't think there should be snipers in KoTH. Factions can have no one inside the AO with 5-6 snipers on the same hill trying to take out people in the AO. Rather than fly to the AO, pilots land on a hill far away from the AO, leaving people stranded at base. They don't contribute anything meaningful towards completing the objective, and when they end up as a significant minority they are often the reason why a faction which ties with other ones falls behind. The bigger issue is allowing people to simply stay outside of the AO for extended amounts of time. On an infantry server there is no reason why people should be camping outside of the AO waiting for kills. KoTH matches are dragged on for far too long because factions rotate between focusing on getting people into the AO and just trying to drop off people outside of it.
  10. Can you access the US #3 server by IP address + port number?
  11. If you haven't pointed it out I'd have never realized that I could run sound mods on C4G servers. Been running JSRS on KOTH for a few months now.
  12. You can put things other than rules and warnings in the rolling messages too. What about how to report someone, or at least the criteria for evidence that will indict someone? Too often I see people jump on TS asking for admin help with trolls and tkers, but haven't saved or uploaded any useful evidence of the wrongdoing.
  13. I feel that we don't see them often enough.
  14. I agree with Pineapple. However the core issue here is whether we want to be encouraging or discouraging player behavior in KoTH. Since the more senior members of C4G have not expressed a need to change the status quo, then there is little purpose in continuing this discussion.
  15. Yes, but games like COD and BF at least have ways to discourage players from leaving the play area, such as implementing invisible walls to prevent them from leaving the map, or countdowns to death when they move past a certain boundary. ArmA and KoTH have none of these things, and thus control of gameplay is tilted even more in favor of those who don't want to go to the AO, much less stay in the AO. There is no mechanism preventing any faction from staying completely outside of the AO for the duration of the game.