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  1. Please set restart to 02:00 and not 11:@30pm - every night you kill a 70 pop server down to 25 - I thought it was arma crashing cos we had a discussion about this and you guys concluded that yeah restarting it when nearly full at the twilight of primetime just kills the server...
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  3. Hey Riddle thx for the kind words buddy...one of the best kept secrets they are ) I remastered this so it's viewable on all devices.. [bBvideo=] "> [/bBvideo]
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  5. I can understand why the MilSim guys might want it all 'clean' but IMHO removing a players score can have a serious impact on the greater depth of play many people enjoy in KOTH. It would be much better if you removed the weapon kill and distance info. but enabled the kill feed and scoreboard. For those that are interested an explanation is below.. Rationale for kill feed and scoreboard. In competitive play players are not only playing for the team result but also for their own ego and the bragging rights/glory of their achiements on the battlefield. Visual recongnition of this i
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