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  1. Please set restart to 02:00 and not 11:@30pm - every night you kill a 70 pop server down to 25 - I thought it was arma crashing cos we had a discussion about this and you guys concluded that yeah restarting it when nearly full at the twilight of primetime just kills the server...
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  3. Hey Riddle thx for the kind words buddy...one of the best kept secrets they are ) I remastered this so it's viewable on all devices.. [bBvideo=] "> [/bBvideo]
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  6. BTW this was the KOTH server I was talking about
  7. I can understand why the MilSim guys might want it all 'clean' but IMHO removing a players score can have a serious impact on the greater depth of play many people enjoy in KOTH. It would be much better if you removed the weapon kill and distance info. but enabled the kill feed and scoreboard. For those that are interested an explanation is below.. Rationale for kill feed and scoreboard. In competitive play players are not only playing for the team result but also for their own ego and the bragging rights/glory of their achiements on the battlefield. Visual recongnition of this is important in builing a sense of progresson (players can actually see they are getting better) plus is a useful measure of one's own perfromance against others. In the player development vein, seeing who is good and who isn't (at least tracked by score) allows players to develop a feel for the battle, who the potential influencers are and adapt their play to suit. You don't feel so bad if you're killed by a 'good' player and you feel a lot worse if you're killed by somone with a negative KD ratio. This is all important stuff. In addition it takes away a massive part of the meta game that makes playing fun. Let's get things straight we're not playing this as a simulation - this is for fun and thrills - if you want simulation go to the Zeus Whisky Tango Foxtrot servers), So why is the meta game important? Well it allows players to play the game at a higher level. You can build up a more coherent picture of the battle and the players. You can therefore adapt your play to counter or target those players. This is fun, it improves the play experience for everyone and adds another element of threat. Not everyone wants to build up such a fine, granular pcture of the combat, but for those that are willing and able to it adds another dimension to a fairly mundane game. The scorboard affects how everyone plays - without a record of deaths players will play more recklessly, the anonymity of the 'results' of one's actions leads to poor and inconcequential play. Players die without any record and therefore lose the need to value their virtual life - body count is an intrinsic part of 'war' - I want to know if we lost because we were out killed or because the enemy simply sacrificed 5 times as many deaths or by hiding better, (if you play KOTH you will know that often teams win by not killing many people but by great hiding). Seeing players getting a string of kills in the kill feed is both entertaining and thrilling - people react to it which means they are getting more out of the experience - a sterile screen is dull, boring and denies players the feeling and inensity of the battle (seeing the records of lots of people being killed motivates people). And for the record don't confuse HC as simulation mode - 99% of HC players just want 1st person, no crosshairs or spotting they don't want Whisky Tango Foxtrot dib dib dab dab radio calls and snotty kids pulling 'rank'.
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