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  1. +1 Played with him for a while and never see him being toxic in global or breaking any rules. Should fit right in
  2. +1 Played with him a fair bit. Friendly guy and never had any trouble from him
  3. I need to check these applications more often!!! +1 but already accepted. Great guy and fun to play with
  4. +1 once he meets requirements. He's a shitty heli sniper!!! Feeds me kills until he begs me to stop. LoL Actually a nice guy and haven't had any issues from him. I think he'd fit in with the rest of the C4G minions
  5. +1 Should have been made member LONG ago!!!
  6. +1 I've played with BWELDY a fair bit since his membership application.
  7. +1 If he stops "singing" although it is KINDA entertaining
  8. +1 He's a big brain dude and fun to play with.
  9. +1 I play with Hornskii daily and he is always happy to help out new players to the servers.
  10. +1 As I said, I play with paralyze regularl. He's a bad arse blackfish pilot and never causes any trouble
  11. +1 BAD ARSE blackfish pilot. play with him regularly
  12. +1 regularly active never toxic and a hell of a pilot
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