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  1. +1 from me. Play with and against Chief almost nightly.
  2. +1 I was moved by his selfless act of buying VIP for someone else without even a thank you from the recipient. Seems like a good bloke from talking with him and would make a good addition to the community.
  3. +1 helpful and valuable member of the community
  4. In-Game Name Ryan Steam ID 76561198383512171 Discord ID AussieOhms Age 40 Will you use Team Speak / Discord? Yes What C4G servers do you play on? #US4 Why do you want to join the C4G community? I was already a member, admin, Unit member and VIP. Moved to the states for work and was away from my PC fro 2 years I've got 1300 hours in Arma 3 and ALL on C4G servers. Are there any admins or members of codefourgaming that might be willing to vouch for you? Smurf, Oli, Roid, Ed, Riddle, Chop up What's your favourite weapon/vehicle/playstyle? Sniper with .408 or run and gun with a Zafir if I'm gunning otherwise I like Heli Ubering Have you been banned from CodeFourGaming servers or other king of the hill communities before? Nope *Unit Warning* -- If you are accepted as a member, you should receive a link to the C4G unit page, please be sure to use the same name as your application or link to it. Yes
  5. Depends on how much time you spend in the AO as to how much bonus you receive. I regularly play as a sniper and receive very little if any bonus. That's my understanding anyway.
  6. WOW!!! 3 vouches... Thanks guys!! I really appreciate it!!
  7. ----------------------------------------- Application Format ----------------------------------------- In-Game Name: Ryan Age: 37 Steam ID: ( http://steamidfinder.com/ ) 76561198383512171 STEAM_0:1:211623221 -ARMA INFO- Player Profile Name (exactly): AussieOhms is my Steam Player ID's (found within your player profile) - ARMA II: never played 2 - ARMA III: As above Will you use Team Speak?: Yes, already have Server Regular tag What C4G servers do you play on?: I play pretty much exclusively US4 Why do you want to join the C4G community, what do you hope to do whilst part of it? (50 word min.) I want to be apart of the C4G community because I have allot of fun with the guys and gals who play this server. I spend ALLOT of time here as plenty will vouch
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