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  1. Ok thanks for the answer and this time it is sarcastic.
  2. I had no intention to sound sarcastic, just wanted to thank you for looking into this.
  3. Ok thanks for the reply. PS: found also this if that helps: http://www.codefourgaming.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=479 "Samatra does not want spawn camping to be enforced so we changed, he considers engaging reinforcements heading to the zone to be a part of the gamemode."
  4. Hello, Your Player Name in game: bananomet PC Person complaint is about: Black C4G, Remember Sega [C4G], Aquila [C4G] - Which server did this happen on: KOTH 1944 C4G What happened: Got baned for no reason for 7 days, when asked, i was told "spawn camping with plane". Whole conversation can be found on discord #koth-ironfront room. There is no rule about spawn killing with a plane and yet i got baned for it. Couple of other admins confirmed the 300m no camp zone is for ground units only. Ironicaly Aquila himself said its for ground units only last week and then he bans me for it yesterday. From discord #report a player room: Beam.pro/only1england - last thursday 12:33 yes you have to be more than 300m out of the safe zone Aquila [C4G] - last thursday 12:33 thats ground units From your forums: http://www.codefourgaming.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=1009 smurfsgtchris: "I believe you may have misread the rule board slightly, The spawn camping rule only applies to ground units." http://www.codefourgaming.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=909 and here Riddle talking specificaly about "planes do not follow this rule" After presenting these, the admins stoped comunicating, so i am forced to file this complaint. I dont think its lack of knowledge of own server rules, but those people general dislike in me, because not willing to lick their boots. People like this think that admins can do anything and abuse their power, i have seen it more than once in past. (for said affected admins - dont even try to edit or delete posts about this on discord, i have everything screenshoted) Have a nice day.
  5. Hello, i would like to suggest these, unfortunately they are not from iron front. Plane i fell in love in war thunder when i first saw it Ho229 (sabres military aviation mod - SMA) https://ibb.co/nofi2a Me262 to spice things up (SMA mod) https://ibb.co/dcpnTF Blufor could really use some bombers/attacker planes (SMA mod) Bf110 https://ibb.co/doDWoF He111 https://ibb.co/eoQcTF Now B25 would be cool (SMA mod) https://ibb.co/h4daFv F6F (SMA mod) https://ibb.co/eQfY2a Or P38? https://ibb.co/iguAha Now these russian planes are from iron front itself i think, but not sure I16 https://ibb.co/dh8E8F LA5 https://ibb.co/c0hwNa IL2 https://ibb.co/hMSVha Now for the guns: BREN gun (faces of war mod - FOW) https://ibb.co/cfKRNa ENFIELD (FOW mod) https://ibb.co/hTK48F M1919 machine gun (FOW mod) https://ibb.co/btQ5Fv M3 grease gun (FOW mod) https://ibb.co/dJUnTF STEN gun (FOW mod) https://ibb.co/mxtQFv PPS43 (LEN weapon pack) https://ibb.co/cnjAha and my all time favourite gun FG42 (LEN weapon pack mod) https://ibb.co/iHwj8F https://ibb.co/fLEt2a