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  1. Hello, as we speak i am in a KOTH game on EU#5 i believe, and i would have 2 complaints regarding the aministrator responsabilities - in the base of blue team a player named "lerea merlen" kept driving us over and destroying helicopers THE WHOLE game and ofcourse many of us searched dor a reaction from the admins, sadly nothing happed all match. and the troll kept ruinind the game. - Administrator named "Liam" shot me from 1000 m with lynx.i was in a house, with no visibility to windows, thus no physical posibility to see me at all. As i asked him what that was his reply was " i am big hacker". Thus i suppose my main complaint is the lack of serious administrative support on this server. Thank you in advance for your attention! Kind Regards, Cleric
  2. hello guys, as far as i understand there is currently an issue with the 1944 servers and that it is being worked on. I do however see a US#1 server for with 20-25 players so i suppose this one works. The issue is that i can see it in the normal Arma 3 game list, but cannot see it in the A3 launcher. Thus i cannot access it without the A3 laucher because it requires all the mods. Do you perhaps know why its not visible in A3, or what the issue may be here? Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Hello, i am experiencing a similar issue. i have updated the A3 launcher as well as the game mods. Following error appears: Addon `WW2_TerrainsIF_c_worlds_IF_Core_c` requires addon `WW2_objects_c_Misc_IF_ZZZ_LastLoaded_c` is there perhaps something that i've missed ? i have updated all required mods..
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