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  1. For the future, your steam profile is a bit special, you have two UIDs, the one you posted and 76561198288741045.
  2. Stop playing stupid, do you accept that we caught you? Do you want a second chance in 150 days? If you do NOT want a chance and want to go down the lawyer way, you can also do that. Just kind of curious how you think you have a RIGHT to play on OUR servers after we banned you. Edit: Well guess this is done...
  3. If it is another server and does not replace a vehicle server then by all means yes.
  4. Many hours, no bans, also played with him a round in discord, seems chill. +1
  5. About the report of the message from 547896...it is Greenjorn. I guess he does not know you.
  6. I guess we are going to have to accept that one. smh...
  7. Veteran ArmA player with a level above 300 in vanilla KotH and ex admin, 100% approve of him carrying the C4G symbol into battle.
  8. There is no map spotting, what do you mean with auto-spotting? AI callouts? Third person is sadly what most people want, if we ever add another server, it might be HC. I think there is no poll function this forum for a poll, so I think a normal thread like this would work, but as I stated above, I think it is unlikely in the close future.
  9. It could be that the server needs a restart, I think the last ArmA update introduced a bug like that. What server does this happen on?