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  1. Storm

    RHS server

    I think it was answered here: https://codefourgaming.com/forums/topic/3518-rhs/
  2. Storm


    We are not allowed to monetize RHS anymore, so we closed them all except for one that we get basically no money for and that only costs money. We still hosted a vehicle server some months back after some people requested it, but it never really caught on. The vehicles are a bit hard to balance, too. Infantry is much more popular and we will keep that server as it is probably.
  3. RHS probably not, but we only host day servers atm. We test some more with this server, but I am sure we will also have a US fast match server, if it catches on well.
  4. I don't think you are a bad or racist person that causes problems on the server in general. I do however have evidence that you responded to some edgy people with saying "Nigger" as well in side chat. You got kicked for that. Then there were some arguments in discord and you got banned. The ban got removed, you played a bit but this forum post is really not acceptable. You played yourself. How to avoid this: Don't get triggered, mute or even better report people that break the rules. Also see our rules: https://codefourgaming.com/koth_rules/ Racism and hatespeech Anyone using
  5. "Never - I am very well behaved" A man of culture as you can see, I will also vouch.
  6. This looks like a incoherent rant. You were kicked and once banned for this on our servers. Try to not rant in side or global chat. Especially over voice it is very annoying to the rest of your team. Maybe I should ban you, to make it easier for you to avoid our servers?
  7. For the future, your steam profile is a bit special, you have two UIDs, the one you posted and 76561198288741045.
  8. Stop playing stupid, do you accept that we caught you? Do you want a second chance in 150 days? If you do NOT want a chance and want to go down the lawyer way, you can also do that. Just kind of curious how you think you have a RIGHT to play on OUR servers after we banned you. Edit: Well guess this is done...
  9. If it is another server and does not replace a vehicle server then by all means yes.
  10. Many hours, no bans, also played with him a round in discord, seems chill. +1
  11. About the report of the message from 547896...it is Greenjorn. I guess he does not know you.
  12. I guess we are going to have to accept that one. smh...
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