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  1. +1 pleeeeease more outfits! virtual arsenal would be even better 👀
  2. I can vouch for him. We've been on the same team probably every night for the past week or two and he's a chill level headed dude. Hasn't gone out and yelled at anyone or joined the trolling in chat or anything. I'd say a worthy candidate :P
  3. Also these have been pinned to the C4G and 1944 KOTH discords for easy access. Thanks for asking for them and sparking the idea for admins to add them :3
  4. Took a lil bit but here are the weapon lists with levels and money needed. straight from sa-matra. German side Weapons - https://pastebin.com/raw/E6AKAdEC Vehicles - https://pastebin.com/raw/0dE432W2 Soviet side - https://pastebin.com/raw/4fHymN5F Vehicles - https://pastebin.com/raw/wj7xnKRq
  5. not sure if it will work or not but try unplugging and restarting your modem. another player kept getting kicked for no reason and it fixed it for him
  6. Tiger did tell me the other day his computer exploded so i dunno how long it'll be till he's back online
  7. i give him a vouch as well. comes into teamspeak every time he plays the server and he's a chill guy to bs with
  8. i've been playing with Bill the past few nights and he's a good guy. active in game and comes in teamspeak to chill. +1
  9. Literally every single time the match ends, i get kicked for some battle eye restriction, pretty sure #19. upon rejoining the server it takes about 8-10 minutes to then even load the lobby. anyone have any idea what's up? seriously one of the most annoying things i have ever come across in this game
  10. just realized i could pull these graphs. seems fine lately but those random dips are what i was referring to. back at it though http://i.imgur.com/Q8LCyyv.jpg' alt='URL>'>
  11. i've only been on the server for like a month or so but i have literally never seen it with less than 60 or so people at any time of the day. i live in the US and work nights, and even then it's jam packed up until recently.. just crickets
  12. Seems lately the servers have been pretty dead. any idea why? i was in a full 90/100 game, it ended, then the following game had like 10 people. haven't seen more than 20 in there these past few days :/
  13. Don't really know the proper word, but is there a list anywhere of all the inner working mechanics of KOTH? i am relatively new to it, and i have heard people in VOIP saying things like reviving a player X amount of times you start gaining their kill points, and random things like that. if anyone knows of a list somewhere or even wants to throw some out there feel free! thanks for any input :3
  14. 8/10 times i join i can't even play with my friends because i get auto balanced. you would think after paying $50 to the server the auto balance wouldn't effect you. is this going to be a thing forever?
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