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  1. Thanks for the report Cleric. I'm looking into it now.
  2. Hey Rowdi. Another admin may have another explanation. However, you were not banned off of our servers. You were banned off of HT or Hostile Takeover. You will need to appeal to them on their website.
  3. Hey Bill, when one of the recruiting admins reviews this they will let you know whether you have been accepted or denied. I would expect a reply soon. I wish you the best!
  4. Hey Swich sorry for the trouble you are having. There was a post about this here: http://codefourgaming.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1035 As I stated on the other post I'm not too savvy with this however the other one is a ongoing post for the most part and there was a few suggestions made. Hopefully it helps.
  5. No problem Alien, sorry I could not be more useful. Cheers Penox for the help. I don't play it often and I have not had that problem before.
  6. Hey guys, I'm not too savvy for this kind of stuff but I can recommend trying to use this launcher: https://a3cdn.com/ if possible. It will update mods and load them according to the server you are joining. Just a suggestion in hopes to fix it. That is if you are not using it already. Hopefully someone else can give more suggestions.
  7. Hey Fatal thanks for the report. Eliezer I'm still going to need a server. Too many people named Joe.
  8. What server were you playing on?
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