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  1. in case you haven't read the yellow marked sentence, it can only be from the mod Ifa3. The models would require them to either be adapted by the mod, or the server would have to run with the mods you suggested.
  2. The main factor is still that to create a balance in Koth everything needs to have a conter. And as it is for now, there is just no effective counter to a couple of planes or even just 1 good pilot.
  3. I hope you do realize that removing the Bombs is a useless move, you will simply take the option away do destroy tanks. The Majority of kills, yes, ground targets, is made with the 20's. And every competent pilot can tell you that a pilot who uses them on ground targets does it because the 20'S are way inferior in Air to Air combat copared to the 131's. Forget about taking away bombs. Let him work out the limit and see how it goes.
  4. Yes. The only problem here are his insults.
  5. Just in case you don't realise it yet. I usually switch 2-3 times per game to balance out the air superiority. If a team has too many planes and the other one therefore none in most cases i switch. I won'T say sorry to trying to keep it fair.
  6. Lol Una balles, you are the one accusing me of hacking when being shot down while stalling right over the AO ......
  7. That is surely not going to happen. Changing the armament on planes requires too much scripting work. And keep in mind that the 20's are the main armament to take out ground targets, not bombs.
  8. Yes, Wirbelwinds are coming. And to the other guy, we are talking about the 1944 Server, and there's only one left.
  9. Alright. The main problem seems to be people joining the team with one or two of the better pilots in order to not be shot down. This results in one team spamming like 5 planes, not giving any pilot on the other team a chance to do anything about it. Regardless of how many times you switch teams in order to balance it out, others switch with you and the same game starts at the other side. As much as i love my planes, as long as people don't use them responsibly there's no point in keeping them in as there's literally nothing the enemy team can do about it. Maybe with the introduction of the Wirbelwind in the next Update things might change, but as it is now...please disable my beloved planes. I already mentioned the abuse of planes, but they don't give a fuck about it. They even said they'd do this as long as the planes are still up knowing that by doing so planes will be taken down at some point. So again..as much as i love my plains and complained when they were gone...just remove them again.
  10. Yeah forget about my idea..haven't thought about that. If players would only balance it themselves instead of just spamming planes on one side.
  11. How about getting in a server rule to limit the amount of planes?
  12. Very interesting to know that. Thanks alot Roid Rage
  13. They are surely thinking about adding more stuff. If i remember correctly one of the admins was already thinking about just that. But then again, it would mean that there's a lot of scripting to do which seems to be a major problem for the 1944 server as the required personnel for the job is missing. It would surely be a nice addition, tough i'd wait for the release of more of the planned stuff in 1944. If we get someone to work on it, he might be kind enough to implement a couple of interesting stuff.
  14. Even tough i'd love it as well...please don't do it. Most players do not want it, regardless of the issues it might solve. This is the last playable 1944 server and C4G surely does not want to loose even the last few players by making it 1st person only. So even tough i't love it as well....it would disappoint just too many players.
  15. Aye, i use 3rd person only when i turn around. Most of the spotting and all of the shooting is done in 1st person anyways. As usual...the main problem is the lack of people actually doing something about planes and the constant whining. And even tough i like to switch teams to balance at times...when there's 5+ planes out there not even me, Az0 or Rotzer can do much. So a limit of maybe 3 planes would be an awesome change, but surely hard do implement.