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  1. This is quite clearly a glitch. It may not be specified but if you cant think for yourself being able to kill people while not being able to die is alright then I guess that's an issue. This is a new gamemode and there are a lot of glitches and things we are working out.
  2. The reason for your ban was for this but as I stated on teamspeak you need to be careful about what you do and make sure you don't break any rules. About 5 minutes after that conversation you jumped on another account in attempt to avoid the ban. You do have 6 previous bans which is a lot and you should have learnt the lesson not to break rules by now. I understand there was some reasoning as another player had started this but you had also been warned the day before for the same thing. This may seem harsh to some people but again 6 bans is a lot. I will reduce the ban from permanent however as the player had somewhat started this. Please make sure not to break our rules in the future again and do not avoid any bans as again next time it will be permanent.
  3. You were banned for moving a tower to kill a person. This ban as not been giving you a timer from 3 days. Im not sure how you were able to play on the server earlier but this ban is still very much in effect. If you have an issue with it then I suggest you read our rules and make sure you dont break any again.
  4. Hey there, We do not share our evidence in most cases for security reasons. You may think its a small thing but its a small thing in a much bigger picture. We are also not required to show any proof. We received complaints about you and someone else in your group killing people with walls which you were banned for because the evidence seemed to match up with the player reporting it. You then joined teamspeak while we were looking in to this and made your complaint against this person. We did look in to these complaints but couldnt see him doing anything wrong according to our logs. We have limited tools and need help and evidence from the people reporting things to make sure issues get dealt with. I don't see any issue in the way trubble handled this as you did turn around and lie to him about moving props. If someone lies to one of our admins as hes reporting something we aren't exactly going to believe that person...
  5. Its likely that in the future we will look towards the new arma3 map which should be a good fit.
  6. Inch has started a vote for if people want to see the wepons and rhs addons on stratis and altis. We currently dont host altis but I personally think it would be good to change one of the Stratis servers to have these. Head over to the below thread and vote. https://forums.arma.su/forum/main-category/main-forum/35884-move-wasteland-completely-over-to-a-modded-environment
  7. We are hoping to have reserved slots online this weekend. This will be initially on the US servers only however hoping to follow on the UK servers not long after this. The income that we will get from this will go towards paying for our servers. The pricing scheme you can see by clicking the VIP/Donations tab up the top of the website. http://www.codefourgaming.com/donations.html I will have more information once its live.
  8. Hey there, First let me confirm that I was the admin that banned your group. I had come on to check out a couple of you after reports of some suspicious activity. This was confirmed straight away which lead to the bans of you and the rest of the players in the group. I personally can check and see that you have not been playing on our servers since alpha.... Also the reasons for people deciding to script are never known to anyone apart from that person... Your group has been removed from our servers as a couple of you were confirmed to be cheating while a few of the others took advantage of this.
  9. Your Player Name: Person complaint is about: Which server did this happen on: What happened:
  10. Deez

    New Site

    Site is slowly going online. We will announce once it is live and after that please report any bugs or issues you come across. TY!