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  1. Hey man, Thanks for applying for membership! Membership requires that you have a vouch from a current member or admin. My suggestion would be to join TS and play with some of the guys. As for the second part on why you'd like to join, Profile restores are only given to admins of our server and only a few of them at that. If you're interested in applying for admin, feel free to go to that topic and post. Cheers! Tim
  2. Not going to happen. When you get team-switched, you get compensated for it. Changing this is not negotiable.
  3. If you're trying to use the WS launcher and get the most recent update, im not 100% sure its on there yet.. Quick fix: Find the mod on the steam workshop. That'll work!
  4. No problem. Although searching through old forum posts doesn't do a whole lot, especially since its old. As stated on our rule page: "Above are subject to change at anytime, thank-you for your cooperation. For further information or questions please proceed to our forums. Above rules are generic please respect custom server rules at all costs." The post you had linked is old and outdated. Basically what happened is that the communities couldn't agree on a set of rules in regards to camping, so it was left to the server owners to implement the rules specifically for their server. The rules for 1944, I have created and implemented. As I stated in my previous response, I will look into this and get back to you. Please allow some time for a response due to me being fairly busy with work and what not. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for posting your concern, I'll be looking into this and getting back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.
  6. As of 5/28/2017 US #1 has been switched to No jets.
  7. Robotalec, there is no need to make multiple replies saying the same thing. If there is enough people wanting it, then I can bring it up and see.
  8. Will be soon, have to update the file and enable everything again. It will be essentially a test, if no issues are found ( half track causing server to crash) then it will stay. Next restart things should be all unlocked. Would appreciate feedback / bugs you find.
  9. Little update for everyone: http://ww2ina3.com/wiki/index.php?title=WW2_Changelog#Preview_v20_-_2017-04-20 Look at the changelog for 4/20/2017 What this means: Everything will be unlocked ( including halftracks as this update should fix the issues).
  10. The Majority of people enjoy the 24/7 day. We wont be straying away from that anytime soon, but with that said if there are more people interested in it, it's something I can discuss with the other admin and see what their input is.
  11. The giveaway is completed and we have two winners! 1. Snafu's Pecker / Adolf Hippler 2. Andy Wheels / Wheels012 Please Private message me on here.
  12. [align=center][glow=red]Code 4 Gaming is hosting a give away![/glow][/align] [align=center]Giveaway will last 7 days, ending 4/02/17, we will be drawing two winners! Winners will have the choice of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds OR The new Arma 3 DLC pack. Enter here: https://gleam.io/0poWQ/pubg-arma-3-dlc Winners will be announced on the forums! Please put steam uid AND in-Game name in the input field. Note: Only ONE entry per person, anyone found making multiple will be removed from the giveaway. Don't be greedy. [/align]
  13. Hey guys! Thanks for posting about this, if the community responds well to the idea and we get more people wanting it then we will see what we can do. As this topic grows, I'll keep you updated.
  14. Hey thanks for the report, the crash on the 21st wasn't due to the server. We had some technical difficulties which was fixed within 20 mins. As for the 22nd, It was more than likely a server restart. But we are currently running 1.68.14 ( I just checked).
  15. Servers are crashing out of our control and seems to be engline related. This HAS been pushed to BI. Please bare with us while we try to fix this.
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