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  1. On Arma 3 KOTH US#1 No Jets, I was kicked for supposedly 'spawn camping' when in fact I was attacking an enemy tank which was sitting on a hill mere metres from there spawn. I think this common method of banning/kicking players is absolutely disgusting as I have had this happen to me on multiple occasions on servers across the board and I think the issue needs serious addressing. I cannot tell who banned me or if there was player preference. I checked your rules and it explicitly states that 'You are allowed to shoot from safe zone and kill people only if you are being spawned camped. IF you are not being spawn camped, you are NOT allowed to sit on the edge of spawn and snipe, making yourself invulnerable. Doing so will be treated as glitching.' Which is interesting because the reason I attacked the tank in the first place, was because it was attacking our team while sitting on a hill, a hill which was BARELY outside his own spawn. So I will repeat the scenario. Tank shoots me from outside his spawn (NOT ALLOWED), I attack tank in a pawnee, he turns and runs back toward his spawn, as I continue the attack I am suddenly kicked for 'Spawn camping'. Now I hardly play your servers, and I wont reveal my player name, but I truly think this type of occurrence is not only pathetic by the players involved but also the admins. So yeah, I am sure nobody will care, or you will tell me that I am probably lying. But this scenario was so black and white that I was stunned when that screen popped up telling me I was kicked. So I would really recommend either reviewing your rules, or get your admins in line. Maybe it was a power hungry admin, but the amount of times this crap happens astounds me and is completely unfair!
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