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  1. Looked through the permissions and you have an odd error.. Its nothing different or less than any other permissions that even admins have. So I dont see why this error is happening.. If you see any more let me know.
  2. Shouldnt have to do that. An error code would be helpful as well. Its in Red.. Just need to know exactly what it is to prevent others from getting it as well.
  3. I believe your mental filters missed this. Its spam. 100% Spam.
  4. You came in here to complain more than clarify rules. I however did state the rules and clarified them 100%. I also provided my opinion. I stated everything you asked for and clarified it all to keep you happy. Having another admin to respond is just redundant in your hope for a better explanation. Riggs is technically the oldest Senior Admin in here besides myself. However Deez might respond. I hope you get the answer your looking for. Considering they are already given too you.
  5. OK well I am an Senior Admin. I didnt adjust or change the rules. I stated I did not like that rule as its fucking bullshit. I admit that. I feel you stating that I just blatantly threatened to ban you is outright wrong and unjust in your Rule Clarification. Considering that isnt rule clarification its a complaint about my professionalism. I said its illegal to whip as Fusro was in my TS and said he didnt know if he was Whipped or hit by a vehicle. SO I responded with "If you tail whip again you will be banned." Its not a Threat its a response to clarify the rules and show that they are not to be broken. Also I clarified that "Open Ground" = Ground with no objects at all. i.e a grassy field or the sky. You were in a forest and hit him in there without actually running him over and therefore the Tail Whipping rule was clarified and such the punishment for it. ** My Response was about as professional as I could be at the time and without being too rude. I didnt want to hurt any feelings, nor cause any problems and act unprofessional. So I will apologize for those mistakes. However I feel your mistakes need to be clarified and as to why you stated them in such a manner is in your hands now.
  6. I said what I said and you turned it all around. Your comments if I cared for them I would take to heart. I hope you take this as a kind gesture and reconsider throwing an admin under a bus the next time you come in here to complain.
  7. I am looking to pre order this game. I still play battlefield 4 and if this is any good. I will enjoy it just as much. Anyone else looking to get it?
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