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  1. Everyone gets one free perm unlock. No exceptions.
  2. Also For future stuff use discord. Admins can handle it quicker. Forums is dead mostly.
  3. Did you take any screenshots? Video.?
  4. Bruh. The post is from June 2019
  5. Greeting Edgy Vehicle Bois. Due to the nonstop headache you guys cause us with abusing the safe zone rules we have decided to try out a new set of rules to see if that will play out any better. I'm sure you guys will do anything and everything in your power to make sure it doesn't go better but lets give it a shot. Shooting out of spawn: You are allowed to engage targets from your spawn zone. What this basically means is that if you can see an enemy Jet from your Safezone. He can engage you and you can engage him. Exceptions to that rule: Unarmed Transport Vehicles that are going to the AO (you can engage campers coming to your spawn). Targets inside the AO (unless they shoot at you from there). If you engage from inside your spawn zone, you will not be able to rearm until you have left the safe zone completely and returned inside. Test build uploaded on EU4 includes the following. 1) Added second exit on repair pad 2) Repair pad doesn't work until you're safe zone protected 3) Shooting and losing safe zone protection marks vehicle to require it to leave outer safe zone before being able to become safe zone protected again This will certainly cause confusion and people will find ways to abuse this so give us time to research and adapt.
  6. +0.5 Never played with the guy personally but I do know he is very helpful and plays with lots of people nicely. Definitely needs to grow thicker skin though if he wants to be part of c4g cause we do have fucktards around.
  7. Nope, sorry. We already tried. Didnt get populated at all.
  8. Slot is active. Just didnt wait long enough for the servers to restart.
  9. Would help if you described your problem in english
  10. Cant vouch for him since I haven't played with him but has good Discord activity and seems to be active on it. Some shitty activity from him last year though. Seems to have improved.
  11. I need your steam 64 ID. Use this to find it: steamidfinder.com
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