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  1. Slot is active. Just need to wait for full server restarts Regards RoidRage
  2. Hey. Looks like you donated with the no reward option. Its fixed now. You have 30 days of vip from now. Regards RoidRage
  3. Hey Slot is already active. Just have to wait for full server restart for skins Regards RoidRage
  4. Hey. Please use this to find me your steam64ID: https://steamidfinder.com/ That custom URL isnt giving me a hit. Regards RoidRage Sidenote: For quicker support and quick reply from me use discord@codefourgaming.com
  5. Slot is already active. Just have to wait for full server restarts.
  6. The paypal email used and the one in the system is completely different so the slot didnt auto approve. I fixed it manually now and changed the dates. For the future use the same email on both places. Regards RoidRage
  7. Taken care of on discord.
  8. Hey. Sorry for the late reply. I tend to forget and check the forums lately. We are way more active on discord. You mismatched your emails so the slot didn't auto approve. I did it manually now. Regards RoidRage
  9. Yup email mismatch indeed. All fixed now.
  10. Both slots are active. Just need to wait for server restarts Regards RoidRage
  11. You donated for US1 which im gonna assume is the wrong server. I changed it to US4. Let me know if thats what u wanted or something else.
  12. Hey Your slot is already active. In-game name doesn't matter. Regards RoidRage