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  1. +0.5 Never played with the guy personally but I do know he is very helpful and plays with lots of people nicely. Definitely needs to grow thicker skin though if he wants to be part of c4g cause we do have fucktards around.
  2. Nope, sorry. We already tried. Didnt get populated at all.
  3. Slot is active. Just didnt wait long enough for the servers to restart.
  4. Would help if you described your problem in english
  5. Cant vouch for him since I haven't played with him but has good Discord activity and seems to be active on it. Some shitty activity from him last year though. Seems to have improved.
  6. I need your steam 64 ID. Use this to find it: steamidfinder.com
  7. No worries storm. I took care of it. To end your suffering and make the transistion back to the homeland easier I added a perm ban. Time to return to hostile takeover. I heard they have some great servers. Checking your last post and this one pluss the kicks you have had over the past couple years (all of them for arguing with staff) I see no point to continue to keep you around. Anyhow our servers are dying anyway so it shouldn't really matter to you. Head kid out.
  8. I mean you can always just make a new account. Dont need to wanking around with the old one. If you join teamspeak one of the guys or me can help you out. And yes it is like a chatroom but at the same time its not. Hard to explain but I mean we have tons of active people on it so forum is indeed a dying concept.
  9. Hey so sorry about the late reply. I keep forgetting to check the forums. About to close this shit down and moving donation support discord only soon and email. Anyhow you typed some weird shit were you were supposed to type your email so the slot didnt auto approve. I gave you a perm slot on EU1 as compensation for the late reply. Regards RoidRage
  10. Fuck me. How damn ignorant can one person be. Unbelievable. People like you make me sometime question why I even bother running servers.
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