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  1. teamspeak.codefourgaming.com Its not integrated into the game though but used by a few.
  2. You most likely had it on 1 server but not a different RHS server depending on which one is still running the VIP system in the background.
  3. For 1944 you need to be higher than level 5 and it will be unlocked. RHS is not monetized so it doesn't have any VIP perks.
  4. If you want the perm slots for All US. You need to donate 30 USD. If you want Perm all servers you need to donate 50 usd.
  5. That bar has nothing to do with your donation. You donated 5 usd first time right so it would be 50 more for all perm option or 30 more if you only get the us one.
  6. Seems like you donated with the no reward option. I manually added the entry now.
  7. Hey. To upgrade to perm donate the remaining amount for the perm option using the no reward option and either post the transaction ID here or better yet post it on discord and tag me and I will change the slot.
  8. Slot is already active. For RHS: Nothing. Its a non monetized server. According to RHS servers run on magic dust and wishes so we are not allowed to monetize it.
  9. Hey I need your steam 64 ID to resolve this. Find it here steamidfinder.com
  10. RoidRage

    D 10$ EU5

    Fixed on discord
  11. Hey. We will monitor this play and take action if required. However the best thing to do while dealing which such pricks is to mute them. Regards RoidRage