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  1. Hey. Copy paste from Discord: RoidRageLast Monday at 4:01 PM Im working on troubleshooting the reserved slot issue on EU5. This means certain players Mainly those who got the reserved slot only for that single server will not be able to utilize the slot. I apologize for this but had to be done. Please contact me in #donation-support if you would like compensation for lost days.
  2. Hey We had that before. Didn't go so well so it was changed into what US6 is now. Regards RoidRage
  3. This is something we might potentially do for Koth V13
  4. How is team balance an unfair server mechanic? Its literally meant to make the server fair pair so people don't stack teams.
  5. DId you get kicked from the server before this started happening?
  6. Heey. Email mismatch. You need to use the same email on form and PayPal. Manually approved now. Regards RoidRage
  7. Heey. We had some issues on EU1 and EU5 that I resolved yesterday so the slot should be good. If its not or you would like compensation for your lost 3 days you need to leave me with your steam 64 ID so I can change it. Regards RoidRage
  8. Slot fixed. You mismatched the emails. Regards RoidRage
  9. Mate, you are the worst form filler in the history of form fillers. Anyhow slot fixed. Regards RoidRage
  10. Make a new thread in donation support or come find me on discord. discord is better and quicker. Discord.codefourgaming.com