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  1. What kick message are you talking about?
  2. Hey. You mismatched your email so the slot didnt auto approve. Fixed now.
  3. Hey I need your Paypal transaction ID and your steam 64 ID
  4. Slot is already active on US2. Name Doesnt matter.
  5. Welcome. Closing
  6. Hey. Subscription doesnt do anything. Its an extra support service. For vip stuff you need to use codefourgaming.com/donations and use that system. If you have already paid some amount I can transfer it over to a slot but I need your steam 64 ID and the transaction ID.
  7. Wrong email used. Fixed now
  8. 1st person always have less player then 3rd person. Wasteland is a dying game mode. We are not gonna kill it further or faster by making it 1st person.
  9. Hey. You made a typo in the email so the reserve slot didnt activate. I activated it now. Regards RoidRage