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  1. Hey. Sorry for the late reply. I was travelling and didnt check the forums. I changed the US1 to US4 and gave you 30 days from now. Regards RoidRage
  2. @amir.kh639 Are you indian / paki? Something like that?
  3. Done on discord earlier today
  4. No sorry. The only way to do it is by adding the mod server side which we wont do. I believe on RHS servers it should be possible. Will look into it closer to Xmas. Regards RoidRage
  5. Hey I totally forgot to reply to you when I checked your slot the other day. It doesn't affect it at all and your slot is working normally but you have probably already seen that. Regards RoidRage
  6. Sorry for the late reply mate. I was travelling. Its fixed. You get 30 days from now. Regards RoidRage
  7. Which koth server? You donated for US1 which isnt even Koth.
  8. Hey. Your donation didn't auto approve. Usually, that's caused by a mismatch of emails but yours was correct. Maybe Paypals API was down when you donated. Anyhow, I manually approved it now. Regards RoidRage
  9. Your slot is already active.
  10. All good mate. Your slot is active. Name doesnt matter. Regards RoidRage