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  1. I have some suggestions, mostly US and RU though. http://http://imgur.com/a/2ij4u Secondary suggestions for if you have more time: http://http://imgur.com/a/KLWBf And is it possible to add vehicle skins? Thanks for the opportunity
  2. I don't know if this is something you guys are allowed to change but is it possible to add a slightly larger secondary safezone area where only planes cannot kill you?
  3. This is my second reply to the topic. I just wanted to say that whoever has contact with sa-matra should tell him that this server is NOT DEAD. There used to be 3 full servers before the Apex release which caused all but 1 to disappear. Even today every now and again you can hear people expressing how much they love the 1944 koth servers, whether its the WW2 theme or the more simplistic gameplay. People frickin' love this version of koth. The problem is people don't know about the 1944 server, ADVERTISE it and i bet it would beat the regular koth! Also, tanks would be nice, possibly with less health or very long repair times. I would personally also prefer 1st person only. And either strictly inf. only(no planes) or both planes and tanks. (that's if we are stuck with 1 server) Thanks for the opportunity to share our ideas. felix the cat ( king of the king of the hill )
  4. imo the best option would be 2 servers, infantry only and planes&tanks. otherwise alternate between the two types mentioned above. if neither is possible, leave the planes but add tanks. and i dont think AA firing from spawn is a bad idea. (also, is it possible to add the different liveries/skins for the vehicles?)
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