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  1. Im so sorry for the ip grabber accident i didnt know it was an ip grabber until staff pointed it out. I really dont know how to make up for it i cant even say how sorry i am with words i just really hope that you could give a second chance im so sorry RoidRage and to every other staff for the trouble that i gave you. this is my last attempt to reach out to you again im so sorry . my discord name is Baka#0061 if you could please contact me if im goin to be permenently banned for this .
  2. my friend sended me a meme from sidemen shorts and i thought it was funny so i copied link and sendend it to i think koth chat which they later told that that link that i sendend was an ip grabber i went and asked my friend about it and he said that was true so then i rushed and quickly apologised to everyone in koth chat they said to me that i need to be carefull about this stuff and i apologised again an 1 hour later i was banned from koth and discord server. i hope that i coulf get unbanned my discord name is Baka#0061 and my in game name is PLAYER 1.
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