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  1. Hello Schmirdi dont be scared now days your profile is saved in cloud in the database instead of a local save on your end. Aslong as your using the same steam account you wont have any problems with losing your lvl anymore //Riddle
  2. This was most likely a case of arma just being arma.
  3. will investigate this today. Thanks for the report - Riddle
  4. Do you by any chance have any sort of evidence?
  5. Thank's for the report, it has been dealt with //Riddle
  6. Nothing we can do about that, sorry
  7. We currently have one server running wasteland stratis, check it out IP Port:2302
  8. Try restarting your router/modem. If that doesnt work then you'll have to wait for the servers to restart, and after that it will work.
  9. Riddle


    Hi and welcome to codefourgaming! "I enjoy streaming Star Citizen on the weekends, maybe even some Arma too?" whats your stream URL?
  10. Well we are usually in our own channels or in the Available / Active Support Staff channel. So in order to get our attention you can poke/message us. Right click on our names and select poke or open text chat.
  11. It's not a VIP only skin. Theres only 1 skin for the choppers and that is the bumblebee skin. And in order to get that skin you have to be lvl 50+
  12. At this time you have too few hours on C4G servers to qualify for membership. Play some more and re-apply in a week or two. For now, application is denied.
  13. We are talking about in-game hours on our servers. you currently have about 14h on our servers and 30h is the absolute minimum requirement to become a member.
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