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  1. So can we be unbanned if I donate 20$ to the server?
  2. I don't want to be pushy... But do you have a update on my ban by chance please?
  3. Just lemme know if you need anything else
  4. This is the Wzinn steam 64 ID(friends account) 76561198127864001 And this is my accounts Steam 64 ID 76561198060999351
  5. P.S we all make mistakes, #PleaseHaveMercy
  6. Your Player Name: Wzinn "or it might be something else" Person complaint is about: Myself Which server did this happen on: King of the Hill arma 3 What happened: So to cut it short I mass Trolled I Threatened to DDos the server, and something else aswell. Not was I only banned on the Code4 servers I was also banned on Discord after I tried to appeal for that ban and well it did not go well(again completely my own fault) so I recently started playing arma3 again with my friend and well we both are banned because of me, I'm not sure if it's an IP ban since he is banned aswell, I o
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