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  1. hello all, so my pc restarted then steam updated, and then arma updated and now I'm lvl 1 again tried to restart and reload arma and steam cant seem to fix it on my end, heres proof , ty for your time http://plays.tv/video/58534eb2323f42b2de/rank
  2. ya, a part of me wonders how well that woulda turned out for a LRPS and a 408, I take some of these guys down pretty fast so they don't have hardly any time to react, add in the 408s fire rate.. don't think I would of gotten the same results
  3. hello guys, so I'm off snipering on a tower and I see these smokes go off, turns out thers a few enemies there... somehow my team still said I should use a .408 with a LRPS scope.....I was using a AP lynx heres the video tell me what u think http://plays.tv/video/5836abdc1fb0feddbc/sniper-time-
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