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  1. I must weigh in, you CAN NOT avoid rednecks and rocketmanning. It takes concentrated effort of 3-4 people to deal with them, and basically you are now delegated to hunting helis with subpar tools. The server is set up in a way, that at first it seems that basically you are running it for these people to have their fun, and seeing how some of them are actually codefour as well, i can understand it. I dont mind, i have everything unlocked, i dont need levels or money, i am gladly sitting on a hilltop and shoot at them. My experience is however, that mostly they are doing this completely unpunished for game after game, frustrating the playerbase. If you consider this to be a legit part of the gameplay, obviously the discussion is over, and we will deal with it, as stated in the first post, its a nuissance at most. All that said, i can propose solutions : 1: redneck pawnee is 0 skill because APDS ( and the game landing your hits on the red dot no matter the situation), which incidentally makes the game in the zone unbearable at times, when people start vision glitching everything, and sniping you in towers from 1000+. Why not remove a dedicated anti-material rifle from a mission involving nothing that needs its presence? This would make pilots more legit, transports more legit, rednecks skillfull and risky, and more importantly snipers less effective. Everybody wins. (Apart from me, i almost exclusively use this lovely boomstick ) Transports could be still taken down by dedicated launchers, and everything can be disabled by lower calibers or the non-apds 50., they just cannot penetrate a Huron taking out everything at once. You still have the 116, 320, you only need actual skill to hit the pilot. And i think we can all agree, that being able to fly the fun helis would do this mod good.
  2. Hello, Player name: Krueger Person: various Which server did this happen on: US 4, i dont know about others, i play exclusively on this one. What happened: We are seeing more and more people abusing the glitch, where you jump off hummingbird rails, and instantly shoot a rocket before hitting the ground and dying. This is used for taking out transports, and parked spawn vehicles in the zone. As seen in the first video, i asked the players if this is a bannable offense, and was informed that it is not. How is this not abusing a glitch? There is a good reason you are not able to shoot rocket launchers from any of the helos, but even if that is not a consideration, the simple fact, that performing this will end in your demise is a pretty clear indication, that it falls under the same rules as air ramming. I sincerely think, that this cheapens the experience, especially since we do not have ready access to AA, and basically have to resort to APDS against it (maaws and rpg-s clearly does not have the ammo or the possibility to rearm to sustain a defense). Unlike redneck pawnee, which is a fun and skillfull experience for both sides, this is a kamikaze move, that does not even require your survival to be effective. The players doing it exclude themselves from the actual mission, and spend their time basically griefing others with a stupid gimmick. It being expensive to do is hardly true, 800 is nothing. Just because it is not specifically outlined in the rules, i think something like this should be not permitted, especially it is very easy to keep track of. I do not see any rules against mortar teams, which is very easy to do given the distances, but we are also not sitting in the AO rearming constantly and shooting HE into the prio, are we now? (i can gladly link a video if you want to see what im talking about) I do not see heli snipers basically ever, only the vision glitching of towers by APDS snipers is prevalent, but only by 3 players, who are basically inconsequential to the flow of the game.The experience so far is great on this server, i believe we are in the top15 in playtime, and enjoying every moment of it. Dont take it wrong, i do not mind some fun times while playing, i enjoyed breaking Exile servers with shenanigans as much as the next guy, and will continue to jump mod to mod until arma 4 is out if ever. But i also think, that the healthy playerbase and servers are vital for us to enjoy this as long as it lasts. Discouraging basically 50-60% of the playerbase by allowing the top 5% to abuse them with gimmicky trolling that they cannot fight against until they have unlocked weapons limited to levels that need 100 hours+ to unlock is counterproductive. If you think, that this is something that should be allowed, please just delete my post, i do not want to argue over something that effects me for about 2 minutes a day (which is considerably shorter than making this post ), it is simply a suggestion. Thanks for considering my points, and thank you for running this awesome server. I will link 2 videos to show what exactly is happening:
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