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  1. Hey! Thanks for the tip. I will do that once it occurs again since i've never had anything like that before.
  2. Hi. I just want to be clear just in case if i would receive lots of complaints of teamkilling that 1 particular guy called Lolz. The problem is that not only in-game the flag that should be shown above his head for me to recognize him as a teammate but also on the map istelf he is invisible. And i didn't check the map when i was reviving him but even then there was only a star on him without his name so i do Apologize for making his playtime on that round miserable because i didn't know what to do and how to fix it. He was the only person in the entire team that was invisible, the rest had their flags and on top of that, when i was pointing my gun at my teammates names woudl show up aswell as a role they have but not in case of Lolz. I made some screenshots for you to see yet I do understand that screenshots are not exactly a good proof but still I am not a guy that destroys the fun for other ppl by killing them intentionally or something. I searched to see if there is an fix to it but it seems that most of it is the problem with names and that Stream Friendly UI solves it so I just wanted to point out that i didn't mean anything bad. It's just that whenever i saw him without the flag and he wasn't even shown on the map i was shooting since I do check the map to see who's where or where's the apc or something. I also don't know if others had the same problem? Because i've killed him when there were other teammets running in front of him and he was casually crouching behind them like a spy sooo yea. Screens 2-5 are where he is invisible even on the map. I do apologize for making his time terrible but i don't know how could i fix it and if there were other players having the same problem? So i just wanted to tell that it wasn't my fault and I'm sorry.
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