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  1. I was also playing, and if I remember correctly, you were doing this for 5-10 minutes with the same blackfish. I dont think it takes this long to find a landing spot
  2. For Arma 3, and SSD is mandatory, so you should only get that for now, don't spend too much money your rig is good enough. What FPS are you getting right now?
  3. Hey, so I started playing KOTH a week ago and I'm level 29, and there's not a lot of information on the internet about KOTH, but this site: https://wiki.armakoth.com/vanilla/weapons-attachments shows that the Type 115 can be unlocked at lvl 24 which is right, and it also shows that the DMS sight (the sight I want to use for the gun) is unlockable at gun unlock level + 10, so lvl34, but in game, it shows the DMS can be unlocked for Type 115 at level 54. Which one is right?
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