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  1. I found a bunch of info on optimizing arma 3. So don't bother responding.
  2. Hi, I want to upgrade my current system without spending a lot atm and was wondering what people who know what makes Arma 3 run better can recommend? my specs are: i7700 running at 4ghz, 12gigs of 2400mhz ddr3 memory, windows 10, Geforce gtx 1050 2gigs. Firstly, what about manually increasing my virtual memory to something quite high like 20 gigs or more? (which I just did from windows automatically adjusting size. Don't have time to test atm) Here's the idea's I have right now about increasing my arma performance. -Get an ssd drive (preferably a PCI express one that look like a stick of memory and are fastest. Just need to look to see if I have the connection, but if not get a SATA SSD, might need to get a port multiplier ) with an SSD installed of 524 gigs or 1 Terabyte make a huge memory file OR just install arma 3 on the SSD drive. (have never successfully transferred an arma account yet so would have to figure that out so I don't have to level from 0 again) this option will cost me only about $100 -Memory upgrade to 32 gigs; will cost me around $250 not sure how much of a difference this will make -Graphics card upgrade; I was looking at a gtx 750 mini for about $400 Canadian which got a lot of positive reviews for how much power it has for the price. Seems to be a pretty powerful bare bones vid card. Might have to upgrade my power supply but they don't seem to cost to much. Just need to take a closer look at that per the power recommendations for the gtx 750 mini. I just have no idea what will make a difference and is why I'm hoping to get some feedback from people who know. I'd like to just spend money on one of these options atm. Thank you for your feed back. I'd really like to get arma running better as I've seen it on other peoples systems who stream or on youtube vids. Staples
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