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  1. if any admin has any questions. I will respond to them.
  2. I know I told the admin over su that I would come back to appeal after 2 years but for once I might be right in saying the ban isn't justified and I provided him steam id's to all my accounts to proof I wasn't banned by an Battle eye games.
  3. Im just wondering if its possible to get banned from koth permanently because I have multiple game bans and vac bans that are not issued by battle eye. I've played this mode for a long time and I dont have a great history with reports and I agree with that. The thing is I'm not banned by c4g but by wasteland which is permanent across all koth servers and isn't there anything I can do. I know appealing wont work. The last time that I cheated was also 795 days ago and that was when I was around the age of 14-15.
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