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  1. Hello! It only gives you some weapons (for ex. in vanilla i think you have: Lynx APDS, AA launcher, SPMG or smth) and ammunition for those weapons, you can't rearm there
  2. Please use the discord for other reports cuz not all admins look here but anyways added a note on his profile. Just join the discord for faster response
  3. It’s better than the forums i think cuz everyone using discord
  4. Hi, so the KOTH 1944 server was shut down and we started moving on other machines, if you want to get more info join our discord, you have faster response there
  5. Hi, so he can shoot you from 3000m, there are people who have 4000m+ kills and i know he can snipe from that far away (max render distance is 3k in the KOTH settings panel but if u have a high render distance in the settings u can barely see over 3k)
  6. You can't buy money in game
  7. Also if you want to get permanent VIP select the All US servers permanent or All EU servers permanent or All EU and US server permanent because the other ones are 30 days so one month
  8. So at the moment you can donate for VIP wich gives you golden nametag, a reserved slot(wich means you can connect when there are 5 slots left), vehicle skins, character skins and all weapon skins for free (it takes 24 hrs to get your stuff on the server) and also you can donate for a private TS channel.
  9. Hello! So at the moment if u subscribe you don't get anything BUT if u want to donate and get something in exchange please go to this page and also join the discord
  10. Vouch, played with him and he a nice guy
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