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  1. All but 2 of the servers are missing from the browser for C4G. The only filter I have is the search term, "codefour," which used to show all servers from C4G. Now it's just showing 2, despite loading over 2k servers. It was working perfectly fine 2 days ago. I can only play 1944 if a friend is playing and I join him.
  2. This is a solution that was floating around in my head months ago on the RHS server. Surely I'm not the only one who's thought of it, but I think it bears mentioning here on the forums. Whenever I get autobalanced on the 1944 server or when it was active, the RHS server, I leave, because of the guns. I'm sure we're all aware of how expensive guns and gear are in this game. While I'd like the grind to be faster, it's not really a major concern. The concern I do have is that gun purchases don't transfer over at all. On the vanilla servers this isn't an issue, as the purchases are universal. But on the RHS server, I put in a good amount of time and money on the US side, but wanted to play on the Russian side as well. I never enjoyed doing so, as I had only access to the basic weapons. The reason weapon purchases don't transfer over is for some semblance of realism. Wouldn't make sense with both sides running around with a mix of both sides' weapons. So my solution would be to have parallel purchases. If I buy the G43, MP-40, and FG-42 on the German side, I should have access to the M1 Garand, Grease Gun, and BAR on the US side. If I buy the PKP on the Russian side, I should gain access to an M249 or M240 for the Americans. At the very least, the equivalent weapons on the opposite team should be heavily discounted so I don't have to put in essentially twice the grind just to make sure I'm not at a shameful disadvantage just because I'm placed on one side. This would help prevent sides getting bloated and having too many troops and an easier time winning, as there is less of an issue with being autobalanced. If I'm running around with a G43 and a Luger and get autobalanced to the US, I'm absolutely not going to back to a bolt gun and be fine with it. I'm just alt+F4ing and joining a vanilla server. Perhaps if prices were halved, that would be reasonable. I'm guessing some die-hards will have some harsh words for me here. Just please remember, this is only a suggestion. I'm not somehow forcibly implementing something into the servers, just bringing up something that could improve quality of life not only for individuals, but for entire teams.
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