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  1. +1 Good player. Never done anything wrong when i've seen him on eu 5.
  2. Ewan Cassidy


    Ok. First open the arma 3 server launcher find the rhs server you want to join. Click on it and then select set up mods and join. And that should work.
  3. We have a team balancing system, that works as 10-9-8 is ok and when more people join it evens out, for your first point. However no system can stop stacking as all the high level players can go on indie, while every team has the same amount of players. For your second point all the maps that are in rotation are the same for the other 100 player servers. And no one has complained about it. And there is always good spots where you can see across an ao. And with new maps thats up to the admins not me.
  4. Go to our discord. And post your steam 64 id in ban appeals. And say that you are a new account. Next time ask questions in the discord. And you will get a faster response.
  5. I play malden and it rarely gets above 30 players when I am on. I would be in a 1vs30. Thats not fessable. Team balancing is here for a reason, stop whining about someone that will never be changed.
  6. I recommend going to our discord server for any future issues. As admins are always on discord.
  7. Yes its possible to one shot but its not consistent.
  8. If we did not have team balance one team would be stacked then people would leave. Its rare you get team balanced anyway. I have been team balanced 43 times in my 1100 hours on c4g servers. Thats 0.04 team balances per hour of playing. So live with it.
  9. Its a known problem. Not much can be done by us as it is up to rhs mods to fix it. My advice is don't use it. And if you permed the scope you should of bought it a fewtimes before perming it.
  10. Would you mind sending a video? And what server are you playing on?
  11. Get a tigris. But seriously giving people perma aa means people will expect perma at. And in general its a bad idea. :zoesad:
  12. Sadly not, there is not enough players to warrant a eu hc server. Even if it peaks at 90 unlike eu 4 there is not 90 constantly thus no point in dividing the player base.
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