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  1. +0.5, Active and helpful player
  2. You didn't buy VIP permanently, but only for 30 days. It has expired.
  3. Tom J

    Ban Appeal

  4. Tom J

    Bug with spawntruck

    Thank you for letting us know!
  5. Nothing went through on our side. Check if you've been charged by either logging into PayPal or by checking your mail. If you have a transaction ID, please post if here so we can verify the payment and give you VIP manually. If you haven't been charged and don't have a transaction ID, try donating again. For more and quicker support, join our Discord and ask for help in the #donation-support channel. https://discord.gg/c4g
  6. KotH is not trying to be the most realistic game mode. Servers such as, US #2 has the spawn truck disabled to maintain somewhat realism. There's also a 8 minute timeout to use the spawn truck respawn feature, which is why there's still a need for pilots.
  7. It's a known bug. We're not prioritizing to fix it at the moment.
  8. The payment failed, join our Discord for faster support. http://discord.codefourgaming.com/
  9. It's active. Keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for you to receive the in-game benefits, such as gold-name, VIP outfits and camos, due to the server having to fully restart. You can check when the next restart is for your desired server on our Discord in the #server-status channel.
  10. It's unlikely. We cannot monetize RHS servers anymore, so we're probably going to stick with only one RHS server, for now it's EU.
  11. Probably some time tomorrow. You can see when the next server restart is on our Discord in the #server-status channel. https://discord.gg/c4g
  12. It's active, keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for you to get the VIP skins, camos and gold name in-game.
  13. Tom J

    RHS EU 3

    It's not possible, we can't monetize that server.
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