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  1. The above situation is the last time I had any issues with an admin, Mr. Roid. Just educating and informing you so maybe you can handle the next situation like we just encountered more like an adult and less like an angry, power chomping child. Ya lied out your ass multiple times during our discussion and ya know it. Glad to be gone from your shitshow, knowing everything I do now. Getting the money back from you will be the next step and someone else can talk to you about that in the following week from a more authoritative position who you have to answer to and be honest with.
  2. I'm sure that the totalitarian government of C4G, or at least Roidrage, will be along quickly to remove this evidence because they don't support logic, reason, or maturity on the servers...BUT, I'll stick it out there for what it's worth and if nothing else some folks can get some entertainment value out of it before it's pulled. Paypal's the next one I talk to. Ahead of everything else, I'd recommend stopping subscriptions and payments to these folks, stop supporting them and lining their pockets. Plenty of other servers out there, don't need to be farmed and abused on this one. I'm no one's bitch. [7:42 PM] SwainDaddi: I seriously need to speak to you, or one of your admihns. I've been on this server for ages and am tired of people selectively picking up screenshots and clips to report after they harass and incite chaos on the sever and the ones being abused are muted, kicked, banned, and not allowed to make a case or speak. . . . [8:00 PM] RoidRage: If he was breaking the rules. Why didnt you report it? [8:00 PM] SwainDaddi: you can't judge an entire situation based on a single 6 second clip [8:00 PM] RoidRage: Actually We can [8:00 PM] SwainDaddi: I don't record every second of my game, 99% of the population does not [8:00 PM] RoidRage: Neither do we expect to [8:01 PM] RoidRage: But whatever he said. Doesnt justify you saying n words on my servers [8:01 PM] SwainDaddi: then pray tell how does one make a report with "evidence" [8:01 PM] RoidRage: and you have 2 previous racism kicks [8:01 PM] SwainDaddi: and I recognize that, though far worse goes on and gets by on a daily basis [8:01 PM] SwainDaddi: I do not. [8:01 PM] SwainDaddi: Wherein do I have racism kicks [8:01 PM] SwainDaddi: I have audio streaming kicks [8:01 PM] SwainDaddi: one of them that I'm aware of, and probably several automated ones over tthe last year [8:01 PM] SwainDaddi: zero racism. [8:02 PM] SwainDaddi: I would like to see the evidence of those kicks and who noted them. [8:02 PM] SwainDaddi: don't know how that works on your end, so please educate me, but never have I been kicked for racism. [8:03 PM] RoidRage: Looking at your history here [8:03 PM] RoidRage: Its fucking funny you are calling other people toxic [8:03 PM] RoidRage: Jesus Christ the irony. [8:03 PM] SwainDaddi: again, would like to see the reports you mentioned before we go off on a tangent [8:03 PM] SwainDaddi: thank you [8:03 PM] RoidRage: You think I give a fuck about what you want? [8:04 PM] SwainDaddi: I have never been kicked for racism, period. [8:04 PM] RoidRage: Funny, U were kicked for it just today [8:04 PM] SwainDaddi: No, I wasn't? [8:04 PM] SwainDaddi: I haven't been kicked once today, at all, not once. [8:04 PM] SwainDaddi: How in the world does your system check who is who, because I haven't been kicked today once until this after the issue with sketchy. [8:04 PM] RoidRage: Player Dave was kicked (Hate Speech is not allowed) by Erebus [8:05 PM] SwainDaddi: If a random Dave has been kicked, no wondere the system can't keep track [8:05 PM] SwainDaddi: Negative, was never kicked, I myself, this Dave, by erebus. [8:05 PM] SwainDaddi: You realize there are other Daves?... [8:05 PM] SwainDaddi: Like how does this keep track, does it use the guid steam account? [8:05 PM] RoidRage: Holy fuck. You talk to much [8:05 PM] SwainDaddi: I haven't talked to or been in contact with erebus in maybe 5 months, we did have one way back when over streaming a song in base [8:05 PM] RoidRage: What exactly do you want? [8:06 PM] SwainDaddi: Because I'm being abused lmfao [8:06 PM] SwainDaddi: I said what I'd like? [8:06 PM] SwainDaddi: I'd like to know when I was reported, who did it, and how it was recorded? [8:06 PM] SwainDaddi: Or I can talk to erebus if he's the one who supposedly kicked me today [8:06 PM] RoidRage: No, we dont share evidence with players(edited) [8:06 PM] SwainDaddi: Well, that's ironic [8:06 PM] SwainDaddi: you can't provide me proof but can make a claim as bold as that and punish me for something I haven't done? [8:07 PM] SwainDaddi: I've been here for 2 years on these servers, donated, on all the time [8:07 PM] SwainDaddi: you know how many Daves I've seen lol [8:07 PM] RoidRage: Short version. Yea I can do whatever the fuck I want [8:07 PM] SwainDaddi: Then please be mature and run the game properly and treat your players fairly? [8:07 PM] SwainDaddi: I'm asking for a simple bit of proof and information [8:07 PM] SwainDaddi: TThat shouldn't be too much to ask for given the silly situation [8:07 PM] RoidRage: and the answer is no [8:07 PM] RoidRage: We dont share evidence with players [8:08 PM] SwainDaddi: Then what can you do, because the evidence is a lie. [8:08 PM] SwainDaddi: The report, is a lie. [8:08 PM] SwainDaddi: So someone needs to look into it [8:08 PM] RoidRage: Did you or did you not say the word "nigger" on the server [8:08 PM] SwainDaddi: I've been on all day, never got kicked once [8:08 PM] RoidRage: yes or no? [8:08 PM] RoidRage: Did u say it? [8:08 PM] SwainDaddi: Did I get kicked for previous offenses and can you give me evidence, yes or no?... [8:08 PM] SwainDaddi: You're running in circles dude [8:09 PM] RoidRage: I dont need to give you evidence you dense walnut [8:09 PM] SwainDaddi: Alright, so stop the BS with me here for a moment [8:09 PM] SwainDaddi: name calling and crap aside. [8:09 PM] SwainDaddi: pretend we're adults for a sec and humor ourselves [8:09 PM] RoidRage: How about this. Im gonna perm you from the servers and you can find a different place to play. [8:09 PM] SwainDaddi: Ironic [8:10 PM] SwainDaddi: I'll head over to paypal and find the transaction to dispute for the donation I guess, if nothing else it can tie that up for a whilen while I spread this discussion and screenshots from the server I've gathered of this nonsense. [8:10 PM] BOT Clyde: Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient.
  3. Not going to keep arguing pointlessly with you folks. It's pointless. Deny the reality of the situation, I really don't care. I just know when this particular admin is on to avoid the server and come back at a later time, especially given I've now had issues with him. People like this generally will come back to stir more shit if given the opportunity. That urge fades with age and maturity, let's hope it hits him soon. Peace and have fun, the actual point of the g-a-m-e.
  4. "Direct is allowed, to a point" There you have it and we no longer need to discuss this, it seems, lol. There's no difference between playing music over direct at spawn for 10 seconds and talking in direct constantly for 10 seconds; zero difference. Just wildly vague random interpretations left up to rules applied on a case by case basis. Thanks for clearing that up and summing it up with a screenshot, now I know how it actually works on these servers which have been awesome except for the occasional hyper sensitive admin moment of which I've had maybe 2 in a year. Have a good night and hopefully we won't ever have to deal with one another again.
  5. I'll keep this quick for ya, because it's pathetic that it even needs to be brought to this level over something so ridiculously petty but you really just want to boil the pot over apparently. Keep your high ground though, you're entitled to it having been selected as an admin; we've all come across admins who probably shouldn't have the power they have in games like this over the years, it's nothing new and never goes well when it's pointed out. Such is life. I brought it up within 10 or 15 minutes of being muted, right here on the forum. Time stamps show that for you pretty clearly. I was muted across all channels for voip, for streaming in direct chat for 20s if that before taking off. If you don't see something silly about that, someone should really take a look at your privileges. If someone acts like a child, they're going to get called out as acting like a child admin or not. The actions you took to selectively enforce the rules were childish in my opinion, and I'm absolutely entitled myself to call you out for it. You muted me prior to any of this claiming that you had received complaints about the streaming, I'd love to see those complaints so please be so kind as to toss them up here if you actually have them, due to the timing of the whole situation there wasn't even time for complaints so I can guarantee you do not. When I had been streaming in direct alone in a helicopter out of earshot from any other person for maybe 20 seconds prior to the mute. That point in your case doesn't hold any water. And all of this instead of simply speaking to me about it; it was poor management on your part, that's what it boils down to. Instead of taking a high horse arrogant approach just because you're an admin and you "can" maybe you should consider in these situations whether you "should". It says nothing specifically about direct chat. It says it's okay in group or vehicle, which are both limited communication lines unlike SIDE chat which is very clearly banned because it's team-wide. So, if nothing else, the "rule" is ambiguous and a grey line you chose to draw down one side rather than the other for seemingly no reason and initiate conflict over. And I already touched on the fact that you clearly lied claiming there was a complaint about me in order to bring it about. You also claimed there was a complaint regarding racism, had nothing to do with that either and it was completely unrelated to my own actions. Been playing this server for ages, hell, I don't think I've ever even seen you on the server before much less spoken to you. I have streamed just as I was, as tons of pilots do, right in front of every other admin I've ever seen and no one has ever had an issue with it because, truth be told, it's petty and not in any way a big deal to walk within 10 feet of someone and hear music from their chopper for 5 seconds. It's 2019 but there's no need to go looking for things to be triggered over. You selectively chose to make it an issue with no real reason, so the results are in fact on you. Bottom line is your behavior and the way you handled the situation is what boiled my attitude towards you, respect is earned and your behavior last night earns a scoff from anyone with an ounce of maturity. Yes, and my lesson on comprehension holds true to this moment, the rule is a gray line that's never enforced; so why make up a reason to "enforce" it only to stir shit in a server you're meant to be policing and making better? Poor choices. But like I said, we rarely ever come across one another, so moving it's not something we're going to have to be concerned about and I can happily move along if you're capable of doing so yourself. Cheers. P.S. You were using VOIP to respond to me for those above messages you posted screenshots of, you know, over the 5 or 6 side chat spamming individuals who you were ignoring while you harrassed and muted me over...direct chat music. Priorities.
  6. Looked through the forums and he's apparently one of those who has this complaint against him fairly often. I was muted and threatened with kicks for temporarily streaming music in DIRECT chat while waiting for people to hop in my ride at spawn, like I and every other pilot does for the year + I have played these servers. The rules states SIDE chat music spam is against the rules and to use it in group or vehicle chat, direct chat would be right in line with these other two "okay" places to stream music. Sitting in your vehicle streaming lets people around know you're playing music for their rides. I got on, and within 30s I had him claiming he had people complaining about ''racism'' and "side spamming" with music and muted me for it. If you're going to have admins they should be enforcing rules not blindly throwing out punishments because they've had a bad day or personally don't like something. You don't get to make up reasons to mute and kick people, I don't care how "senior" you are as an admin, abuse and negligence in your duties do not fly. I was muted until "restart" by this individual after a back and forth. Wouldn't even talk to me about it, just muted me then went on about it over voip himself and bantered back and forth with me about it. How about some maturity?
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