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  1. Late +0.5 from me, helped a few guys out on discord, nice guy didn’t see him in game tho
  2. Feel free to report them, I play on RHS at least once or twice a week, the Russian team is pretty much impossible to moderate, they won’t listen and I can’t kick the entire team... I’ll kick one from time to time if they really abuse VON and scream in Russian tho. on the other hand, the American team should be clean most of the time
  3. Vouchy vouch ! Active in game and on discord, cool dude
  4. +0.5 we talked a bit, he’s nice and I would like him to be a member, never seen him in game tho as I mostly play on RHS and EU5, I know he’s active and respects the rules tho
  5. It’s gone, it was empty all the time so we replaced it with Chernarus infantry
  6. You donated for the wrong server, I see that you have a VIP slot active for US2 instead of US4, I’ll contact RoidRage to change that for you
  7. +1 He's making videos on C4G servers, active in game, i hope he will be active on discord too
  8. +1 from me, saw him quite a lot in game and on discord
  9. Hello, sorry for the late answer, we’re much more active on discord. Your vip slot is active
  10. Hello, thank you for your report, I took care of it for your information, player reports are usually processed through discord, join our server and report players there if you want a faster response
  11. Hello, this message is due to a BattleEye error that we cannot fix, you’ll be able to join and play again after a full server restart (that probably happened by now)
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