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  1. Every fucking game I have had from yesterday night to now, GMT 8 PM yesterday to 4 PM GMT Today every game I win/lose, every kill, objective bonus or just about anything that gives XP and money have all been taken away from me when the game ends, it gives me like an RTP error and tells me to abort back to the menu, the only option I have is 'Continue' and it manually aborts for me, and when I connect to a team everything is reset, all my XP and Money I managed to make is gone, it's begun pissing me off as I must have gained around 40k XP and Money, Me and my friend both did it together and he managed to reach Level 19 but every game mine ends. So far this has happened every game, but I lost it when my latest game I was playing OPFOR and the game was almost over, we were winning and I board a helicopter with someone, they crash seconds after taking off and due to that the game automatically kicks me off of OPFOR and sets me to Independent, It won't let me switch, and it 'Compensated' me with what I would've gotten if I won, I was obviously angry that I was switched, but I got even angrier when I saw my level and money did not change at all. I attempt to manually save it, but it never works. I've also played games where when I am Teamkilled it automatically switches me to another team, I get annoyed and switch to another server and after a while return to the original server, and even though all 3 teams have equal amounts of people, it still restricts me from joining any other team. Is there any way I can be reimbursed my missing XP and money or will I have to work for it all over again?
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