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  1. Your Player Name: Lyron Person complaint is about: CANABEAR Which server did this happen on: Malden (no towers) What happened: https://plays.tv/video/5d8c511b1e7794b09b/teamkiller
  2. Show me the video that the admin put up. I want to see if its the full version
  3. I didnt spam at all until after I had already got kicked and came back. because I was tryin speak to the admin. I have multiple people that are on the same boat I am and don't understand why I got kicked when I didn't spam side chat. now ofc I spoke on side chat a few times about normal things this is a fucking game not a real life military mission. everyone has friendly conversations. I got banned for (toxic) when did I spam loud voices or even hold my mice down for over 3 seconds. I would really like to see the video because I am 100% certain I wasn't even talking that much because I was piloting a ghost hawk and was talking to the people inside.
  4. Your lying in my face rn. I did get back on and start complaining but I wasn't part of that group spamming at all and if there really is video of the situation you can see that. I have multiple people that witnessed it and said that I didn't do anything so idk why your saying the opposite. I was never toxic not once but like I said I do admit to hoping back on and relentlessly trying to get video of the situation and complaining about getting kicked but I did most of it in direct chat so I don't see the problem.
  5. I had an incident today with a staff member that kicked me for "toxic" even tho I hadn't spoken the whole time until he said "who ever speaks next is getting booted." the side chat at this time was very toxic and multiple people where talking back and forward but if that admin does have evidence of my kick then you'll see I didn't say a word that whole time. I spoke to him when I got back in the game and I do admit I was being a bit annoying because no one was giving me video of the incident and the admin kept saying if keep bitching ill get banned but I didn't break no rule, he stated that he posted the video of the evidence for my kick on my file, idk what that means but if another higher up admin can help it would be nice. I didn't think he was an admin at first and replied in side chat with, "hahaha this takes me back to bo1 when people would ddos each other" and he then said ok u wanna get booted Lloyd and next thing I kno I got kicked for toxic. I have multiple witnesses if anyone thinks im talking shit. I wanted to post this in general discussion to hopefully get help from a high ranked admin. I didn't want to stay quiet about this because I felt overpowered by this admin, he didn't try and explain himself even though I confronted him and told him he did something wrong, he stood his ground and said that he cant show me evidence of my kick and that if I continue to bitch about it he will ban me again, I didn't even know what to do in this situation, I wanted to just keep arguing about it until he understood my side of the story and apologized but I soon found out that you cant deal with situations like that on this server so now im here typing this paragraph.
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