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  1. Aquila


    Good evening, Thanks for your ticket, You were within 300m of the enemy spawn, You were warned twice to move back via global chat with you acknowledged when told again to move with *cry*. This is your second ban for the 300m rule break hence why it is 14 days. Reviewing the evidence you were no where near the AO and acknowledged the warning. therefore your appeal is denied. You will serve your 14 day ban and given this is the second offence the next ban is a permanent ban from 1944. Aquila
  2. Hey The usual thing to do is to place a ban appeal : http://codefourgaming.com/osticket/upload/ Thanks Aquila
  3. we will be updating our servers shortly to accommodate the hotfix that happened today. No time frame at this stage Aquila
  4. Hello, You need to contact the server admins you were playing on, we cannot act on evidence that is not from one of our servers. Aquila
  5. A good idea in theory however if we limited to 3 and someone buys a 4th, we have to kick someone, who do we kick? we can see 4 people are in planes however, would have to go through logs to see who brought one last, logs that jnr admins do not have access to. Other option is to code it in that only 3 etc planes are active, but with everything (updates and new koth versions plus wasteland fixes) coming out it wouldn't be a priority. best bet is to get in AA and mow them down
  6. Things are gonna have to be rebalanced when core game mechanics change
  7. Whilst it can be seen as frustrating to make a report, rather than admins 'doing their job' we cannot be watching everyone at once. Also please understand, like yourself, we come on to play not spectate everyone 24/7. The admin 'sitting in spawn' is likely spectating and looking for problems, even then we could be looking for trolls at blufor spawn whilst you are being teamkilled in the AO, cant be everywhere at once. As Roid has said teamspeak is your best bet to get our attention. See you out there, Aquila
  8. A great idea, especially when you are trying to listen for enemy footsteps and your teammate is singing ba ba black sheep. You should post https://wasteland.arma.su/ Aquila
  9. Because it is that players first offence, it is a short ban. As always please post any further evidence you have of any player breaking the rules and we will respond appropriately
  10. Aquila


    Thanks for the suggestion, we will look into it
  11. Hello, We do not share that kind of information. Thanks and good luck moving forward. Aquila
  12. Hello, Ive already sent you a reply on the online ticket system about your ban Aquila
  13. Whilst map drawing is a feature of the game, drawing offensive or inappropriate things on the map is not permitted by our server rules, if you do come across this, please do report it to us. See you on the battle field! Aq
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