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  1. I hope these changes stay. Played again yesterday. Was so nice. Almost gives me flashbacks of the TCF wasteland server from arma 2. Was on the number 1 on gametracker for many years, until it sadly went down.
  2. Hello Vehicle with no thermal and no guided rockets is awesome! Couldnt stop playing today. I think it balances the whole game and makes vehicle play more skillful. Are these changes forever or just temporary like an event? Greetings
  3. Awesome! Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hello Everyone Well i messed up my hard drive and lost all my data, so i gotta reinstall arma 3 . I wasnt able to install and test it so far, but im a bit afraid that all my progress in koth is gone. I remember 2-3 years ago, if you change your profile, it deleted the koth progress. Is it still like that or do you guys save the progress of the players on a server? Greetings
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