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  1. Seen this guy plenty in my EU5 days, good fella and very active. Would be good to have around
  2. +1 from me. Can have a laugh and active around the discord
  3. Seen him around, plenty active, and can have a laugh, would fit right in with C4G
  4. Hey mate, you should get much faster responses on the discord, where most of our community is focused. Here is an invite https://discord.gg/r4M2jU Regardless, sorry for the late response. Most servers, will carry over your xp+money to all vanilla servers, EU3 has a different set of levels for each player as it uses RHS mods, and so it is largely different in terms of gear etc You xp+money will carry on all vanilla servers, so if you choose to play on EU4, a vehicle server, you will have the same money and xp as you would on EU5, an infantry server If you permanently buy a weapon, its
  5. Bit late but a vouch from me, even if he isnt good at koth or COD
  6. Milk


    Pop into the discord for a much faster response, RoidRage checks here every so often with such little traffic the website gets. https://discord.gg/XrmMx7
  7. You guys will have a better chance of getting a response on the discord, RoidRage checks there alot more frequently https://discord.gg/XrmMx7
  8. another secret nerf apparently
  9. Bit late but +1 from me, very fun to play with and really nice guy.
  10. I hate to say it but +1 for this lazy twat. Cool guy and very fun to play with 👍
  11. Also a vouch, sorry for late response +1 cool guy, perfect aim with igla
  12. So, I'm not massively familiar with RHS, level 70 something on vanilla but only just hit 28 on RHS. perma bought me a nice block II and it feels different. all of the RHS weapons just feel, different. I have no idea why, or what it is, but the weapons just feel nice. I'm not alone on this right?
  13. I think this would be better as an event, but it sounds really cool actually, would love to participate in this new mission
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