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  1. trust me its hard but once you understand the map layouts and the hot spots of the enemy you can make a fortune it just takes time and patience laser designatiors are helpful to due to the thermal sight it has happy hunting 😉
  2. it may just be me but i belive that the server is down due to the update version it is at it says it requires 1.9 however arma 3 is now at1.92 the server was operating perfectly fine a few hours ago hope i can get a response of when it will be back up again or a report on what has happened
  3. just like the 1942 server this would be a modded one however it would be a Vietnam theme using the "UNSUNG VIETNAM" mod personally i would find this amazing and i hope you would think the same id understand if it would seem a lot to do and you wouldn't want to but please give it a thought there are many vehicles and weapons for both teams US and VC and many maps if you think this is a good or bad idea please reply
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