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  1. There might be those problems to 1944, but I'd say there might be an element of boredom related to the current scene with this massive open map and the Eastern Front theme. Considering IFA3 released new UK Content and there is already US content there, I was thinking wether it won't be much more fun, if you chose the Oosterbeek map they have or the ones that are on Market Garden and then made the 1944 KOTH server be on the Western Front. I think people would be way more excited and newly interested in the server, if that is the case + the UK content is actually quite decent in quality.
  2. Hey, so basically I have been a big fan for quite a long time now and have been playing on the First Person Only Infantry EU HC3 Server. Basically Global Mobilization is a Cold War DLC coming out on the 30th of April on Arma 3 and was just wondering, if you guys feel like making a server on it. It will have it's own maps and you would possibily legitly one of the first to have a multiplayer server on the DLC. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1042220/Arma_3_Creator_DLC_Global_Mobilization__Cold_War_Germany/ Any opinions?
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