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  1. there are people reporting that very often the new server is not visible in the server browser (no matter which one is used - arma launcher, arma in-game, a3, steam, etc.). happens to me too. maybe that is also a reason why people are not connecting to it more. I just checked and at this moment I cannot see the server and when I check the server info via IP, it is not responding...
  2. That's a good point regarding the perks. Having the rewards increased instead seems like a good and simple way to tackle the issue.
  3. as promised by RoidRage, the server is up: >Come check out our new 60 slot Infantry server - Hardcore, no towers, no SPMG, no Navid. +50% the XP because it is hardcore! >CodeFourGaming - King of the Hill - HC Infantry No Towers EU #2 - IP:
  4. I forgot to mention that the issue '10) weapon firing mode' occurs not only on revive, but also whenever you switch away from your rifle (primary weapon) to something else (secondary weapon/launcher).
  5. GOOD NEWS - we are getting a new C4G KotH HC INF EU server with no towers, no navid/spmg and some other stuff that should make the game more balanced and more action-packed. it will be announced soon on C4G discord. rejoice!
  6. Hello fellow soldiers o7, I have created a document (KotH issues) where I'm listing a number of issues in KotH INF and what I think can be done to make it more balanced, accessible, action packed and fun. The list is based on many years of my mates' and my experience of dedicately playing KotH HC INF and long discussions about how to improve it. For every topic on the list, there is a (hopefully) logical reasoning laid out to explain why I consider it an issue. Because the full list also contains some items that the server owners cannot change/control (last two issues are still like that), it was suggested to me that I post a condensed list here for all of us to discuss. I have already talked about this to a number of people in C4G community and although some people do not agree with some of the points, a big majority would be open to trying it out. As another confirmation that there are people who also recognize these issues, there are 2 rather new KotH HC INF servers/communites with server setups similar to what I suggest (no towers, no navid/spmg, no thermal designator perk, etc.). I really care for C4G, I think we should discuss it here and if majority is open for trying it out then, hopefully, we get a server to playtest it for a period of time to decide if it is better or what to change further. I'm very concerned about balance too. Arma is not an easy game to get into, KotH as a game mode even less. A lot of players will not even try KotH and many of those who will are going to find it too frustrating and give up. On top of that, KotH is putting those poor new souls at a huge disadvantage due to available gear and perks. A clueless newcomer having a standard uniform and a TRG will be facing experienced players in Specop armor who will one shot him with Navid and who are able to tank dozens of TRG bullets. What kind of balance is that? Should it not be more about skill than grinded gear? Now, I know a lot of people need a feeling of progress and achievement by leveling up, unlocking stuff and all that so letting all gear/perks be available right away is out of the question. That is fine, but we should still deeply think how accessible and balanced KotH is, especially in regards to gear/perks that are available to new players compared to vets. Are we trying to get new people into KotH and make it grow or chase them away? One of the reasons why so many people enjoy RHS a great deal more than vanilla is because RHS is much more balanced. There are no overpowered weapons (Navid/SPMG) nor uniforms with crazy armor (Specop/EOD). There are no silly situations where an enemy is tanking half a mag and walking away. As a fresh RHS player, you are not nearly as disfavored as in vanilla. Anyway, being a 40 year old father of two with limited free time and all, it is probably silly of me to put so much effort and time into this, but I'm constantly seeing people complain about some of these issues in-game on voice/chat while no one really seems willing to bring it up. Also, a number of my mates stopped playing KotH in the last year or so because they feel that KotH INF is getting worse instead of better, not only in performance, but also in gameplay and balance. So, here goes... 1) Towers - should be removed because they introduce mostly negative factors into the game: ■ towers are full of bugs and glitches: • falling out from towers through walls • parachuting into towers through walls • not being able to sprint on tower stairs on certain maps (forced to walk) ■ towers are abuse-friendly (so are some other objects like rocks and houses, but those cannot be removed while towers can): • hatch abuse to make kills with almost no risk: look through the narrow opening with stance adjustments, momentarily open the hatch, kill an enemy, close the hatch • shooting through walls: Tower Wall Glitching, Glitchers Exposed by VanZor ■ towers are obsolete: • towers were initially added to create focus areas with more action • priority zone does the job much better so towers are not needed anymore ■ towers are reducing the action and fun: • lots of people camp in towers every single game resulting in less overall action in the zone • people find it frustrating being killed by a tower camper who just glitches through walls, abuses the hatches or peeks through the roof fence • for random players towers are impossible to overtake against even a small squad of experienced players 2) Navid/SPMG - should be removed because of the following reasons: ■ extremely overpowered compared to other guns and basically have no cons/shortcomings: • Navid (caliber 2.2) goes through materials twice as good as standard assault rifles (caliber 1) PenetrationDepth[mm] = velocity[m/s] * caliber * penetrability / 1000 Caliber = acts as penetration multiplier for the projectile Penetrability = material property defining how easily they can be penetrated • Navid/SPMG basically make most of the cover useless and significantly reduce any counterplay • a single Navid bullet typically outright kills an enemy dealing nearly double damage (18) as standard assault rifles (10) • Navid has 150 rounds per mag so basically no need to ever reload in encounters, unlike most guns • Navid/SPMG can fire in fully automatic firing mode, unlike some guns (DMRs/snipers) • Navid gets a total ammo of 300 rounds without the AMMO perk, while most guns require the AMMO perk (and then still get less ammo) • Navid/SPMG can be silenced (SLCR perk), unlike some guns • Navid/SPMG are not nearly as heavy as they should be and people using them usually camp entirely nullifying the weight as a con ■ Navid/SPMG create even more unbalance in the game: • lower level players cannot have them due to level restriction and poorer players due to lack of spare money • current price tag generates more issues than it solves: - presents no disincentive to vets, only to poorer players with no money to spare - vets can easily afford Navid/SPMG every life, especially with the DCNT (discount) perk, and earn that money back (4-5 mins in the zone even without making kills) • gear gap between new/poor and vet/rich players is increased even more ■ Navid/SPMG reduce the weapon variety: • people feel disadvantaged against Navid/SPMG players (and they are) • as more players level up and have more money, they start buying Navid/SPMG to be able to compete • this results in overall weapon variety decreasing with time 3) Specop/EOD uniforms - should be removed because they are unbalanced: ■ Specop uniform: • can withstand far too many bullets (especially of lower caliber weapons) • its speed penalty is not a factor really: - speed penalty is only 5% (was 10%) - most people camp entirely nullifying the speed penalty as a shortcoming ■ EOD uniform: • appears able to withstand damage the same as Specop (same armor values) • no speed penalty at all so it is even more unbalanced ■ Specop/EOD bring unbalance into the game: • Specop/EOD have too strong armor and can generally eat too many bullets (especially of lower caliber) • fresh new players cannot wear them due to level restriction so they are at a disadvantage (another gear gap) • new players carry a low caliber TRG so they are even more disadvantaged against Specop/EOD players ■ Potential obstacles: • usually there is no way for server owners to disable uniforms, but maybe C4G has a way because of special relationship with Sa-Matra 4) PCML launcher - should be removed: ■ PCML (Person-Carried Missile Launcher) has lock-on capabilities: • “The missile can lock onto targets that are up to 800 metres away”, “able to track mobile vehicles that are moving at speeds of up to 126 km/h” (PCML on Wiki) • its name itself ("Missile Launcher") indicates that it can lock onto targets (rocket launchers vs missile launchers) ■ lock-on launchers should probably not be available in KotH INF (no idea why it was introduced) 5) DSNR perk (Thermal Designator) - should be removed: ■ Thermal Designator is unbalanced: • highlights people in regular uniforms • even highlights people in full Ghillie uniforms that should be thermally undetectable ■ Thermal Designator is totally unrealistic: • shows the environment in dark even though it is much hotter than people and their body temperature ■ sniping by itself already presents some issues: • rather safe and easy way to get kills so it does not need another crutch (thermal designator) to make it even easier • most maps have a lot of surrounding hills that facilitate sniping • far too many people are sniping already every game so there is less action inside the zone • people find it frustrating to be killed by an enemy one cannot even see or hit back 6) plane Caesar BTT - should be removed or at least have significantly higher price: ■ Caesar is not properly balanced compared to helicopters for getting into the zone: • it gets people to the zone much faster than helicopters • it is much less risky than helicopters (enemy redneck pawnees) • it has the same price as typical helicopters (1000$) • enables cheap tactic at the start of new rounds: - players (usually with Navid/RPG) take a plane to quickly parachute on top of towers from which they easily kill anyone coming in seconds later - available only to vet players (Navid, RPG) and not to low level or poor players - denies initial helicopter deployments into the zone 7) sun reflections and opaque glass - visual and balancing issues that can be avoided: ■ Arma has terrible glass shaders where glass looks like opaque plastic under low sun angles: • prevents looking through house windows (annoying to infantry) • prevents looking through parts of cockpits (annoying to pilots/drivers) ■ brings unbalance: • one of the teams has the sun behind while deploying to the zone and moving up • two other teams have the sun shining into their eyes and opaque glass issues ■ simple workaround: • set the mission start time probabilities to middle of the day only • special events still serve the purpose of introducing variety to mission time 😎 hitreg (hit registration) issues - could be alleviated: ■ hits not being registered by the server at all: • very likely the server issue and not one's own internet connection or PC: - reported by people with good PCs and net connections from different countries - occurring much more often when the server has more players • examples of hitreg issues: Hitreg Issues #1, Hitreg Issues #2 • example of very delayed hitreg: Hitreg Issues #3 ■ can be alleviated by decreasing max slots on the server 9) point scoring for pilots (not XP/money) - out of control of server owners, could be suggested to Sa-Matra: ■ the scoreboard and point scoring: • scoreboard displays players' effectiveness and contribution to their team's efforts • different types of gameplay (roles) in KotH are possible, which is excellent: infantry, medics, pilots, standard sniping, helicopter sniping, road camping, redneck pawnee, etc. • except pilots, all roles are rewarded with points for their effort and effectiveness and consequently get higher up on the scoreboard ■ issues that dedicated pilots face: • pilots get no points for tactical insertions or paradrops so their contribution is not visible on the scoreboard at all • crashing a helicopter or getting downed typically leads to many teamkills being assigned to the pilot and reduces pilots' points ■ a solution that pilots would appreciate: • pilots should get points for successful transportation of troops (more for tactical insertions than paradrops) • perhaps pilots should not lose so many points when crashing or being downed (teamkills) • with proper point scoring, pilots' contribution to the team would be represented on the scoreboard 10) weapon firing mode - most likely can be fixed in KotH by scripting: ■ issue with weapon firing mode: • certain weapons have their default firing mode set to single-fire (and on specific muzzle) • when being revived/respawning, weapons automagically switch to their default muzzle and firing mode regardless of what the player had set • example with firing mode: buy Type 115, switch to full auto, get revived, Type 115 is automagically on single-fire mode (its default) • example with muzzle: buy Type 115, switch to .50cal muzzle, get revived, Type 115 is automagically on 6.5mm muzzle (its default) • reported to Sa-Matra more than a year ago with response being that it will be looked into and is probably impossible to fix ■ potential solution: • I believe that I have managed to implement a fix (recently started learning a bit about Arma 3 scripting) • a script could be added to KotH that fixes this issue (although a real fix should be done by BI) Damn, this took a long while. I apologize for any mistakes or oddly formed sentences, english is not my first language after all. I thank you for reading this. It means that you also care a lot about KotH INF. I hope something eventually comes out of this. Best regards!
  7. +1 really interesting idea I also think that proper point scoring for pilots should be implemented. We lose points for crashing and getting downed due to assigned teamkills, but we don't score any for doing successful tactical insertions or paradrops so our contribution to the team's efforts is never properly represented on the scoreboard, while all other possible roles/playstyles in KotH are covered (snipers, road campers, CQB infantry, medics).
  8. +1 definitely for this Towers are buggy, glitchy and hence abuse-friendly. Towers support camping so there is less action around the zone. Towers are obsolete as they don't fulfill the function they had been added for (create focus zones with more action), while the priority zone does.
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