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  1. I am unable to join as it says im banned. If you decide to unban me, Im more than happy to voice chat over it.
  2. I am not stating that I would not have been banned if I donated. I am simply stating that, I was considering it and I wont be now and probally never. Maybe you dont care and thats fine. Yea i agree i got overly aggressive BUT, im not going out of my way to be an ass??? I tried to talk with him he refused. Not sure if he is shy or whats the deal. I tried calling him and he denied my calls. I think any reasonable admin would want to work it out over voice comms not typing but thats my opnion. How was I disrepectful? I was not trolling im being honest If he would like me to record then please donate me money to buy a recording software? After the other fine admin recomended plays.tv I left because i just did not want to deal with asuspc anymore. I got instantly banned for a day for leaving the situation? Please explain this. Also, I get banned for another 6 DAYS for what exactly? I @ him elsewhere so he would voice chat and continued to refuse. Again. not sure why he is so against this as if I become toxic. he can instantly end the call and ban me. He abused his power because he just bans me instantly without even hearing what I have to say and he is ingame with his *abusing buddies*. He was on their team playing or something with them. Not sure but really? I hope if NOTHING else you agree that the initial incident was bs. I am so sorry I do not have a $5000 computer to see someone 1.5k in the skies and snipe them? Yea i got angry because ingame their calling me retard and shithead and poorfuck etc. Go ahead and read the chat logs for yourself. All I am saying is yea maybe I caused an inicdent, but its not a 7 DAY ban? According to your rules also, theirs no punishment listed for VDM. I know its not allowed BUT i did it this one time. Also, this was my first offense. I got a 7 day ban for this 1 little incident? I mean if you must ban me for the day go ahead I just dont think 7 days if fair.
  3. Your Player Name: Gman Person complaint is about: asuspc Which server did this happen on: CodeFourGaming Us Infantry #4 I was banned FOR 7 DAYS. Would you like to know why? An admins feels was hurt after I called him bad and not doing his job. You want to know what I did fully? My offense was VDM - Rammed Heli into enemy heli. Wanna know why? 3 people were sniping 1.5k high up in the sky on us infantry only. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KILL THAT????? EVERYONE was complaning about them because they went on a 50+ kill streak together just killing everyone. Eveyertime you tried to shoot them, they would fly away and doge. Rockets dont fire that high up and SORRY ADMIN i cannot afford a $5000 pc to see that high up. I was warned and that was it. I went to discord to report it because after that they rammed me. An admin told me i need video evidence. I dont have money right now to get one and did not know before an admin told me their was one called plays.tv. So i told him if you want me to record, can you give me money to buy one? I get a discord warn and I ended up leaving thats it. Maybe this part I should have stopped but NO ONE is helping me and the admin asuspc is just clearly abusing his power. I tried to dm him and he blocked dms. He is in another discord with me and i @ him calling him shit. thats it. I get a 7 day ban all together for 1 helicopter VDM???????????????????? This is just insane. He called me shit as well as here is one example. https://gyazo.com/3d0985bb53f830dad5bc7b66df226631 All i want is an unban ingame for stuff that was NOT IN Game. If you must ban me on discord fine go ahead. But if you are gonna ban a *almost donor* for 1 VDM HOW?
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