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  1. Hi, you were banned because you played on an illegal 10x server. Here is a link to the discord https://discordapp.com/invite/Rr8PMPd Post in the ban appeals section, !ws ban 66687 You will receive instructions from an admin on what to do next to get unbanned,
  2. You are not banned because you are noob. You have been banned so we can reset your profile to make it fair for everyone else playing in legitimate servers (I'm assuming because I don't know your ban number). You are a new player and it can be hard to know which servers are illegitimate if you have no information to begin with. Join our Koth community discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/Rr8PMPd and find out more infomation etc, and be a part of the community. Here is a list of servers that are safe to play. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KA0Omz2kDJk87m3HNZdvJBIxX6MPVGnZDppfr
  3. You have to go to the Koth/Wasteland discord. You are probably not going to be unbanned anyways.
  4. Because it's where all of the community admins (including us) chose to take care of business for situations involving WS bans etc. There is a ban appeals section that you are going to need go to for further instructions of how to get unbanned.
  5. Yes, it can be done. http://codefourgaming.com/restores.html - Link for the restore guide so you can read the FAQs. Just hop onto the discord and go to the profile restore section and wait till it's announced that restores are being done.
  6. All the recommendations have already been said, but since you chose to reference me since I am the admin that plays the most in US#1, I too shall help you better understand. I cannot be everywhere at once. Right, so when I tell you to give me a screenshot or recording, it's because you have firsthand experience in the situation of what's going on rather than me stopping whatever I am doing to try and catch it. You have a better chance of gathering evidence in those situations than me because I will most likely not be there in time to catch it. Appropriate admin actions need evidence
  7. Have you tried disabling vehicle freelook under in-game options?
  8. Here is a link for the files for 1.68. Still follow the same instructions as posted by Roidrage but use these files instead. Be sure to select "arma3client_performance_168_140940_v01. This is the one you want. This only works for 32-bit right now, files for 64-bit will come in the future *****For anyone wanting to fix the zoom bug, this will fix it***** https://www.dropbox.com/sh/582opsto4mmr8d8/AABGmPFGJUK1a0ZmKi_4Tst7a/168perf/perf01?dl=0
  9. Davethegreat politely reminded you that the topic has already been discussed and a decision has been made. Its Roid's decision. He said won't be updating or bringing back JSRS.
  10. So, if there is a 500 m rule for vehicles and infantry to stay clear of the enemy safe zone to prevent camping, sitting outside that 500 m would be fine in my opinion. If there was a tank 500 m away from the edge of safe zone, I would leave my spawn a different way to avoid him or maneuver my own tank a different way, other than the main roads out of spawn to kill the enemy. I understand that people will still complain because some maps have the spawns in areas that are extremely open and an enemy sitting 500 m could see the entire enemy safe zone. But that's where working as a team is importa
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