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  1. In-game name: Casper | Internet cable | Dragon and a bunch of others. Steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198253151635 Discord id: Casper #0090 Age: 15 What servers do you play on: Mostly #US 4, but if its full ill hop on whatever. Why do you want to join the Codefourgaming community: Iv been playing on these servers for 2 years now and i really enjoy it, so i decided that i wanted to become a part of this community and represent it in a good way. Vouches: I dont have any right now, but iv been friends with alot of members in the past, they might remember me because i change my name up ALOT. A guy named chip otle could vouch for me. Favourite weapon, vehicle and playstyle: Asp1 | Mk1 | Type115 | Hummingbird, orca, nephron, I love too push towers and get as many kills each game Have you ever been banned from Codefourgaming: I had a ban ages ago for playing on one of those money servers. (1 - 1.5 year ago) unit warning: Honestly have no idea what this is.