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  1. We do not provide evidence as it goes against our policy. As I said I have reviewed the video and you are clearly among the people spamming sidechat, you were told to stop, you didn't and received the kick. I am not going to argue with you over this. As for this being a "game", I agree with you, it's a game people are trying to enjoy, but when people like you are spamming useless shit over side chat it gets annoying quick. If you want to have stupid conversations with people then start a group and speak in group chat. I am closing this thread, there was no abuse of power.
  2. @Mpvolcom I have reviewed the videos in question, and you are very clearly involved in the spam that was happening in side-chat. Everyone, not just you were warned multiple times to stop or you would receive a kick, you didn't so he kicked you. You then decided it would be smart to rejoin the server, and continue to question the actions of said admin in side-chat, once again disrupting everyone else with off-topic spam in side-chat, once again breaking a rule You literally just got off a ban that you appealed with me, and here you are again causing more issues. You are on a very thin leash at this point so I suggest you do what you can to stay out of the spotlight or you will find yourself permanently removed from this community.
  3. Hey there, Currently the benefits are as follows: Reserved slots on the servers you choose (Priority joining full servers) VIP skins in our Vanilla and 1944 servers VIP gold colored name on discord Custom Teamspeak channel If you have any other questions let me know.
  4. The main difference with hardcore is its First-person perspective only, you are not able to third-person peak around walls etc. You also receive a bit more experience on hardcore servers as they are a bit harder then the normal koth. I would say try out the hardcore server and see if you like it, it can be fun!
  5. zEn

    Christmas Competition!

    This time we are doing things a bit different. Instead of having 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. We will have different categories. Each with one winner only - Post submissions in #xmas-contest-subs , keep discussions in #xmas-contest-banter . Those of you who don't have printers can use a friends / family phone to display the logo or mascot. Find C4G logo and mascot pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/5mRpjQr RULES C4G logo or mascot must be present in the picture (Find C4G logo and mascot pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/5mRpjQr. Photoshopped/added as a overlay does not qualify) Post the category name you are entering for. Do not spam text or feedback in the submission channel. Categories Best Xmas Tree: Post a picture of your Xmas Tree with the C4G logo or mascot. Best House Decoration: Post a picture of your Xmas Tree with the C4G logo or mascot. Best Decorated Battlestation Xmas Themed: Post a picture of your xmas decorated battlestaion with the C4G logo or mascot. Best Outfit: Post a picture of your xmas outfit with the C4G logo or mascot. This can be ugly sweater or a complete Santa outfit. PRIZES All winners will get permanent VIP and reserved slot on all C4G servers. Non transferable. Best Xmas Tree: $25 Steam gift card Best House Decoration: $25 Steam gift Best Decorated Battlestation Xmas Themed: $25 Steam gift card Best Outfit: $25 Steam gift Competition will end on the 4th January. DON'T FORGET ALL OUR SERVERS ARE RUNNING WITH DOUBLE XP FOR THE HOLIDAY BREAK
  6. If it is a alt account they are using to hover, no they are not breaking the current rules. As for them being AFK? barely, they are still at the computer, and we have a AFK timer for that.. As for a sniper that actually helps their teammates, well for one me? Your telling me, when I take out 3 guys camping a tower that my team is trying to take, that isn't helping? Or when I call out and mark a enemy team trying to flank some of my guys that is not me helping? Get real.. "Whatever means necessary" ramming is not necessary, and IS against the rules. So yea, go for it but don't come bitching when you get banned. Be strategic instead of salty. Are we really going into the realistic and unrealistic discussion? You realize this is a video game right? And yes, sniping from a helicopter is used in real life.... Also, "take their donations with them" haha, alrighty then bud.
  7. This simply isn't true lol. 90% of the pilots in infantry servers use the little bird because it is quicker and more agile to get people to the AO as fast as possible. There are no flairs and gets rekt by AA. We won't have AA on infantry servers, there are other ways of dealing with them. You guys are acting like heli snipping is IMPOSSIBLE to counter, when it is very easily the opposite. Even with AA you still need to find them, which can be done with thermals from a marksman, once they are spotted, laze them and have a little bird with a MG on the side fly up and take them out, 8/10 times the pilot is afk just chilling and the sniper is muted as its loud as fuck and won't notice you going up to them. There is so much talk about nerfing this, or enabling OP AA to counter simple things, or not allowing snipers. Sniping is part of the game, and a good sniper helps his team out in plenty of ways. Is there a abundant of them? Yes, but who are we to judge how people want to play the game? Whether you are a 15 year old running around the AO with a zafir, or a 56 year old sitting 2 clicks out of the AO spotting and snipping we welcome it all. You guys are talking about removing sniping and heli sniping to "promote team play in the AO", yet you are not willing to team up to take out heli snipers? lol alright then. tl;dr, Stop bitching about heli snipers, and handle them. Time and time again people just rather bitch then actually do the work required to deal with them. I personally have dealt with plenty of heli snipers, and it usually takes 5 minutes to spot them, get a teammate on the side bench with a zafir, fly to them, and rekt them. Once you do it once or twice, they stop heli snipping.
  8. If you have issues with any players please feel free to report them in discord and one of our staff members will deal with it.
  9. We are playing around with some ideas for servers, we may throw up a HC No Towers in the near future, but for now malden no towers is very much populated the way it is.
  10. I am calling bullshit sir, need proof. Open up our site on one of the monitors
  11. Server Monetization Rules Server Access Charging players to access your server, if the fees and associated perks do not affect gameplay in any way, is allowed. Cosmetic perks are allowed. Limiting access to only paying players is allowed. Advertising Product placement, in-game advertising and sponsorship is allowed. In Game Items Selling of in-game items, that don’t affect gameplay, is allowed. Donations Accepting donations is allowed, but to avoid any doubts: not providing donations must not prevent anyone from accessing the content.
  12. Issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconvenience .
  13. zEn

    also check rpt

    Issue has been resolved, closed.