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Suggest improvements to the mission, clearly thought out describe what it will bring to the mission.

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By Not Sure
First of. Great mod. Love it, the work Sa-matra and the rest put in, C4G-servers, staff, etc.

Second. Some suggestions regarding the 1944 mission.

Planes in the right pilots hands are OP. Like, way too OP. And thus one good pilot on one team or if one team has two good pilots and the other only has one "decent". Then that team is gonna lose, and get spawn-raped. And that is a turn-off to especially new players, and it can get frustrating for experienced players as well, and then you try buying a 10k plane to try and take it down just to get shot down after a few seconds of dog fighting. No thank you.
AA is okay. I mean in the way of damage/sights/armor(flakpanzer). It's an okay vehicle. But it needs a bit more speed, the level req. needs to be lowered and also the price. That way more people will buy AA to counter planes, and those players will eventually get enough experience to be able to shot down any pilot doing strafing-runs.
Summary: Leave plane prices alone. Lower price for AA and level requirement. Decrease cost of AA and increase Speed if possible(10-15min to leave safezone is laaaame).

To increase turnaround I hereby enclose a picture of my cat in a hat.

Will post more when I find the inspiration.
By Remember Sega
I am just going to point one thing out at the start, and i quote "Planes in the *right* pilots hands are OP." that is the main issue everyone has and it is getting old just because they have a better person in a plane dont mean you cant beat them i looked over some/most of the convo i dont know how far back it went in the ws-discord, and seen kju point out alot of things people dont do like *move take someone with them to drive so they are not a stationary target all the time the zis AA truck 3 hits kills the engine (yes i know it has a low mag ammo count" all you have to be doing is moving and shooting not leaving the safezone then sitting still the whole time

the slow speeds is down the BI keep changing things and not making a document of what changed so mods like this have to figure out why there stuff dont work anymore.

planes are a fair price but i agree maybe lower the AA a little in price.
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