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By Aloe
Hey I just created this account to appeal a ban I truly don't understand.
I joined a server, I think it was a Malden Infantry server, and I purchased a helicopter, and started to taxi people back and forth. I landed near my spawn point to pick up more people, and I received an admin ban with a number ws66687. I don't know what this means but I'd like some clarification. Also, if I could be referred to the discord address that would be nice too. Thanks

Player name: Maduro's Mustache
Steam name: Aloe
By Zyilence
Hi, you were banned because you played on an illegal 10x server.
Here is a link to the discord https://discordapp.com/invite/Rr8PMPd

Post in the ban appeals section, !ws ban 66687

You will receive instructions from an admin on what to do next to get unbanned,
By Aloe
I see. I didn't know those were "illegal". Since I got my new pc and lost my saves i figured I wanted to get back up to my last level without spending another 400 hours to get there. Maybe you should update the rules by the way because as it stands, it is no where in your rules and by that logic I was banned unjustly.
Thanks for the discord

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