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By Bwc90
Hey there!

I'm trying to join the KOTH 1944 server (There are currently 50 people in) but whenever I select my team then press join, it stays on the T.V static loading screen for about 15 seconds, then kicks me off saying: "Unknown Error, please check RPT."

Does anyone have a fix for this? :D

I have verified all file integrity, and have both mods installed.
I tried to attach the RPT but it said invalid file extension.
By RoidRage
Database down. Working on it. Standby.
By NAF-Jeremy
im also getting this error.
i can connect to the 1944 server and i can pick a team, it wil then load the misson file i can hear people talking the the screen shows static and says loading. then the error: somthing went wrong check RPT.
any ideas. server shows 23 people playing.
By Remember Sega
Should be fixed now

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