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Rust NO KOS - Noob Friendly server!

With the recent boom in players swarming to Rust, we have decided to launch a rust server that caters to newer and returning players. This is a Limited PVP server with rules in place to help remove the toxicity that you see in most Rust servers. Come give it a try!
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King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a three team sector control mission within ArmA 3. As you play you will gain experience which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone.
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King of the Hill: RHS

RHS King of the Hill is a version that combines the popular RHS mod with KotH. In this version of the award winning sector control mission you play as Nato or Russian forces. Just like in vanilla KotH you will gain experience by playing which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone. RHS and vanilla stats are separately saved in our database and are displayed here: https://stats.armakoth.com
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KOTH suggestions - HC, Infantry

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OK, this is solely for the Hardcore Infantry server  - though might apply to others.

Great mission. I have a couple of suggestions that I think would help some of the obvious problems!

1. Have a capture penalty for every additional player your team has (over the other teams).

For example, Blue has 10 players, Red 9, Green 8..

Blue has a temporary -2 penalty to their capture points (whilst they have two more players than the Greens), Red has a -1 to their current capture points (as they have one more player than greens).

The penalties would reduce as green/red teams evened out their numbers. So 10,  10, 10 players, there would be no penalties.

Hopefully will reduce the impact of stacking, though not fully (as priority bonuses would still apply); but at least it is something and would negate the huge advantage teams have with additional players (especially where there aren't that many players on the server). Team balance just doesn't work properly due to grouping and other workarounds.


2. Some area are too small for the 90 players on the server.

Consider increasing the capture zone size slightly, on certain maps. Sometimes you can't move at all as there are people with line of sight to almost the whole map.



Of course. Any new maps would be awesome!   :)




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We have a team balancing system, that works as 10-9-8 is ok and when more people join it evens out, for your first point. However no system can stop stacking as all the high level players can go on indie, while every team has the same amount of players. For your second point all the maps that are in rotation are the same for the other 100 player servers. And no one has complained about it. And there is always good spots where you can see across an ao. And with new maps thats up to the admins not me.  :D

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