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Rust NO KOS - Noob Friendly server!

With the recent boom in players swarming to Rust, we have decided to launch a rust server that caters to newer and returning players. This is a Limited PVP server with rules in place to help remove the toxicity that you see in most Rust servers. Come give it a try!
Our Servers Rust Rules

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a three team sector control mission within ArmA 3. As you play you will gain experience which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone.
Our Servers

King of the Hill: RHS

RHS King of the Hill is a version that combines the popular RHS mod with KotH. In this version of the award winning sector control mission you play as Nato or Russian forces. Just like in vanilla KotH you will gain experience by playing which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone. RHS and vanilla stats are separately saved in our database and are displayed here: https://stats.armakoth.com
Our Servers

C4G Rust server! - C4G NO KOS | Limited PVP | No Decay | Friendly

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CodeFourGaming is known for our Arma 3 King of the Hill servers, but with the recent uptick of new & old players flowing into the Rust community, we have decided to open up a server! To start out, the server is going to be a No KOS, No Decay, noob friendly server with limited PVP. The goal is to provide a fun and friendly environment for newer players entering the game and hopefully develop a decent Rust side community for C4G. Experienced Rust players are welcome, but please read the rules.

Server Information
Name: C4G NO KOS | Limited PVP | No Decay | Friendly
IP: (Can open console with F1 and type "connect connect" to join the server quickly)
Rules: https://codefourgaming.com/rust_rules
Discord: https://discord.gg/CEWh2HH37x
Status: Check #rust-server on discord or https://codefourgaming.com/our-servers/

Server Rules

This is a quick rundown of our rules, more detailed can be found via the links above.

  1. No KOS
  2. Raiding parties limited to 3 players. ** Read website for further details on raiding rules **
  3. No griefing bases. Locking in TC's, locking players inside with walls, etc.
  4. No Door camping
  5. No downing players to yoink loot, and reviving them
  6. PVP is allowed in the following locations: Airdrops & Helicopter crates, Cargo & Oil Rigs, Launch Site & Bradley boxes, Quarries (Excavator included), and Organized PVP - Duels, team deathmatch, and events
  7. NO Toxicity & Racism

For reporting players, you can use the #report-a-player tickets, just tag me in the ticket so I can deal with them. Any suggestions or feedback can be posted in #rust-discussion.

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