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Rust NO KOS - Noob Friendly server!

With the recent boom in players swarming to Rust, we have decided to launch a rust server that caters to newer and returning players. This is a Limited PVP server with rules in place to help remove the toxicity that you see in most Rust servers. Come give it a try!
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King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a three team sector control mission within ArmA 3. As you play you will gain experience which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone.
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King of the Hill: RHS

RHS King of the Hill is a version that combines the popular RHS mod with KotH. In this version of the award winning sector control mission you play as Nato or Russian forces. Just like in vanilla KotH you will gain experience by playing which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone. RHS and vanilla stats are separately saved in our database and are displayed here: https://stats.armakoth.com
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Load out suggestions

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Depends on what you want to do.

I have a few go-to ones (keep in mind that I mostly play HC infantry)


Ammo - Silencer - Launcher

type 115 + rco/spar 16 + rco/ak12 + rco

HE maaws

EOD skin unless it's an open AO, in that case I run whatever skin gives me decent armour and a mobility boost.

It's pretty much a one man army loadout.


Machinegunner - Silencer - launcher

Mk200 + rco/ spar16 s + rco/ mx-sw + rco/ lim85 + rco

HE maaws

EOD skin

Same as before but much more firepower.


Marksman - Ammo - Silencer

Cyrus + AMS/ Mar-10 + AMS


Yep, high calibre semi auto marksman rifles, for when I'm only expecting long range engagements inside the AO or when I'm trolling tower campers.


Designator - launcher - explosives

ADR97 + ACO red 

Heat maaws

Usually recon or VR suit.

Vehicle hunting loadout. Designator helps locating targets because of thermals, ADR is just because of good balance between weight and stopping power.


Marksman - Ammo - Indefatigable/Medic

APDS lynx + AMS

EOD or anything with some armour

Works the same as my cyrus/mar10 loadout but it's mostly to clear towers from a relatively safe spot.


Machinegunner - Marksman - Silencer 


Ghillie or diver suit (only on one particular map)

tear farming loadout, spmg is a 260 round full auto sniper rifle and is extremely quiet. Sit at the edge of the AO and pick targets. Watch the chat for salty ass people.


Machinegunner - Silencer - Indefatigable/Medic

Navid + rco

EOD or infantry 

Another tear farming loadout, this is is more mobile and, along with the APDS, it's the only gun that can reliably kill those spec ops tryhards.


Machinegunner - Ammo - Medic

Zafir + ARCO or ACO

EOD or infantry 

Zafir is the ultimate tryhard gun, a poor man's navid that I have absolutely no idea how to play. I use this when I stick to groups of people or need the last bit of experience to level up. I use the ARCO because the RCO clips into your clothing when you deploy the bipod and have a backpack, the ERCO sits too low and half reticle is blocked by the front iron sight. BI stated they fixed it a long time ago by moving the optic forward, but they never really did.


I rarely use spec ops, I find it broken AF and it should be removed asap.

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In EU#1944 I've tried all the weapons and my favourite small-arm is the Russian PPSH SMG with Drum magazine (take MGR perk to get the drum) because its rate of fire is phenomenol and the drum holds a massive 71 rounds, so you can lay down a sustained hail of fire without having to take a break to reload.

As regards AT launchers, my favourite is the bazooka, it comes with 4 rockets, and there's no tank in the game that can withstand 4 hits without severe damage or destruction.

I use my bazooka as "personal artillery" to fire not just at tanks and vehicles, but also at infantry and any buildings that might contain them.

I've tried the Panzerschreck too but I get the impression that its rockets are not quite as powerful as the bazookas.

The Panzerfausts only have a very short range and I don't like them.

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