Players found with three or more punished teamkills will receive up-to a three day ban, any player whom further sees fit to break this rule with continuous teamkilling may receive a permanent ban. (Excludes Independent Faction For Wasteland

In-Game Voice Abuse.
Players found to be abusing global / side channels with voice chat may receive a 24 hour ban (streaming music and such is not allowed).

Players found to be using scripts or hack menus or injections of ANY kind will receive a permanent ban. Knowingly aiding and abetting a cheater may also result in a ban.

Trolling or Griefing.
Anyone found to be "trolling" or "griefing" other players depending on the severity may receive a permanent ban (depending on the admin's discretion).

Friendly Asset Theft.
Anyone found to be "stealing" friendly assets from other teammates will receive up to a 5 day ban, this includes looting teammates waiting to be revived. (Excludes Independent Faction for Wasteland).

Stream Sniping/Following.
Anyone found to be "Stream Sniping" while streamers are present on servers will receive up to a 24 hour ban, streamers promote our mission and some make a living from it, go elsewhere to troll.

Anyone arguing with Server Hosts or WS staff members will be removed from the said server or servers; if you wish to discuss a ban for instance use the correct channels to do so (includes argumentative team-mates).

Any persons or third party advertising on any of our servers will see their ArmA account permanently banned. This does not include teamspeak's or other servers unless its done via global or side.

Anyone found being racist or using excessive hatespeech will be banned permanently, this should be obvious to most.

Glitching and or Bug Exploiting.
Players found to be exploiting in-game bugs or glitches of any kind may receive a permanent ban. This includes actions such but not limited to:
Glitching inside rocks 
Poking gun thru tower walls.  
Hiding In blown up objects 

    Language in communication.
    Finally we ask that players use English in public facing ingame chat (VON or text) and as much as possible when trying to communicate with our administrators. While we have a number of nationalities on our staff we are a primarily US and UK based organization, naturally our language skills match this.

Anyone found to be ghosting for the other teams may recieve a permanent ban.

Above rules still apply

KOTH Infantry Rules.

Spawn Camping

You are allowed to shoot from safe zone and kill people only if you are being spawned camped. IF you are not being spawn camped, you are NOT allowed to sit on the edge of spawn and snipe, making yourself invulnerable. Doing so will be treated as glitching.

Helicopter Ramming

Do not use helicopters as suicide weapons against the enemy .

Abusing Profile Backups

Anyone intentionally abusing profile backups to regain money after spending it will be permanently banned.

KOTH Vehicle Rules.

Spawn Camping

A.) No ground units of any kind within 500 m of any hostile base. (Camping* Prevention) IE: If the missiles are close enough nothing you can do will prevent them from hitting you. This should give them a little more time to react.

B.) No camping* in or above your retracted safe zone. If you're not fighting from your safe zone then you won't be getting fired upon while inside you're safe zone. (Secondary/ Reverse Camping Prevention)

Pump & Dump / AA Abuse

All armed choppers and AA Vehicles must leave the safe zone and lose invulnerability before they may go and rearm. (Pump & Dump and AA abuse prevention)

Camping Definition

Occupying a single area on the map for an extended period of time to gain a tactical advantage in an unsportsmanlike like way with intent to engage hostile players. (The objective of KotH is camping, but you're supposed to be doing it in the AO not the edge of the enemy base.)

Wasteland Specific Rules.

Wall Glitching

Using a vehicle or clipping terrain fault or some other unlisted method to pass thru, rather than over, a wall or other base part.


Intentionally duping any in game items will result in a 7 day ban. For repeat or more serious offences the ban will be longer.

Object Clipping Glitch

placing a carry-able object, such as an ATV, crate or wall inside the object frame of a vehicle so that the two objects clip together, causing the vehicle to explode. - You are allowed to do this to your own vehicle as long as it does not kill or damage anyone.

Objects as Weapons

using a carried object, such as a wall, crate or other base part to intentionally strike another player with the intent to damage and/or kill them. This Includes moving towers with enemies inside
Above are subject to change at anytime, thank-you for your cooperation. For further information or questions please proceed to our forums. Above rules are generic please respect custom server rules at all costs.

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