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By Sr Mad
Hello need help I lost my money perks and level yesterday.
By Riddle
Hello there!

so first of check out this link :
in that link you can find how to join the restore session, you can also find the discord in that link it's on the very top. and then it goes step by step 1-11 on how to join the restore server.

when you are in that discord type !awaitrestore in #lobby or #chat. this command gives you a notification whenever there is a restore session going on. when there i not a restore session going on then you should not try to join the server. only join when a restore session is going on

and then when you are in-game in the restore server and admin will give back you're lvl and money. you might have to wait becuse there is probably people in front of you also waiting to get there lvl back.

By Sr Mad
But when put the address no appear nothing
By Riddle
make sure the port is right aswell. also they might have closed the server when no restore session is going on. so you'll just have to wait untill that happends
By Sr Mad
Ty for your help, but the server is closed when they open again may be I have my level again or some near

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